Stephanie + Nick | James Madison University Engagement Session

Stephanie and Nick Engagement-203Stephanie and Nick are such a sweet couple! They both graduated from JMU and it was so fun spending the afternoon with them on campus for their engagement session last weekend! It was a pleasure learning bits and pieces of their story and their plans for their wedding next year! Congratulations Stephanie and Nick! 

Stephanie and Nick Engagement-7Stephanie and Nick Engagement-4Stephanie and Nick Engagement-17Stephanie and Nick Engagement-25Stephanie and Nick Engagement-55Stephanie and Nick Engagement-65Stephanie and Nick Engagement-27Stephanie and Nick Engagement-40Stephanie and Nick Engagement-60Stephanie and Nick Engagement-105Stephanie and Nick Engagement-134Stephanie and Nick Engagement-139Stephanie and Nick Engagement-144Stephanie and Nick Engagement-173Stephanie and Nick Engagement-158Stephanie and Nick Engagement-186Stephanie and Nick Engagement-194Stephanie and Nick Engagement-208Stephanie and Nick Engagement-221Stephanie and Nick Engagement-226Stephanie and Nick Engagement-234Stephanie and Nick Engagement-307Stephanie and Nick Engagement-312Stephanie and Nick Engagement-327Stephanie and Nick Engagement-345Stephanie and Nick Engagement-351Stephanie and Nick Engagement-371Stephanie and Nick Engagement-359Stephanie and Nick Engagement-269Stephanie and Nick Engagement-348Stephanie and Nick Engagement-396Stephanie and Nick Engagement-383Stephanie and Nick Engagement-412Stephanie and Nick Engagement-434Stephanie and Nick Engagement-410Stephanie and Nick Engagement-457Stephanie and Nick Engagement-475Stephanie and Nick Engagement-489Stephanie and Nick Engagement-526Stephanie and Nick Engagement-513Stephanie and Nick Engagement-600Stephanie and Nick Engagement-552Stephanie and Nick Engagement-540Stephanie and Nick Engagement-583Stephanie and Nick Engagement-578Stephanie and Nick Engagement-615Stephanie and Nick Engagement-245Stephanie and Nick Engagement-596Stephanie and Nick Engagement-646Stephanie and Nick Engagement-673Stephanie and Nick Engagement-705Stephanie and Nick Engagement-733Stephanie and Nick Engagement-724Stephanie and Nick Engagement-748Stephanie and Nick Engagement-765Stephanie and Nick Engagement-784Stephanie and Nick Engagement-808



Bethany + Michael | Winchester Engagement Session

Bethany and Michael Engagement-68

Bethany and Michael are the sweetest couple with the most adorable story! They met in second grade and were friends all the way through high school. They parted ways to go to separate colleges, but ended up finding their way back to each other years later and started dating! Exactly one year after their first date Michael returned to the same location with Bethany and asked her to be his wife with her entire family watching! Seriously… so amazing! 

I had so much fun getting to know them during their engagement session last week! I’m so excited for their wedding in May! Congratulations Bethany and Michael!

Bethany and Michael Engagement-59Bethany and Michael Engagement-32Bethany and Michael Engagement-25Bethany and Michael Engagement-11Bethany and Michael Engagement-20Bethany and Michael Engagement-5Bethany and Michael Engagement-17Bethany and Michael Engagement-75Bethany and Michael Engagement-89Bethany and Michael Engagement-95Bethany and Michael Engagement-100Bethany and Michael Engagement-106Bethany and Michael Engagement-115Bethany and Michael Engagement-123Bethany and Michael Engagement-120Bethany and Michael Engagement-138Bethany and Michael Engagement-125Bethany and Michael Engagement-132Then their sweet little girl joined in to let everyone know the big date! She’s a cutie!

Bethany and Michael Engagement-145Bethany and Michael Engagement-159Bethany and Michael Engagement-207Bethany and Michael Engagement-218Bethany and Michael Engagement-230Bethany and Michael Engagement-283Bethany and Michael Engagement-222Bethany and Michael Engagement-234Bethany and Michael Engagement-243Bethany and Michael Engagement-285Bethany and Michael Engagement-286Bethany and Michael Engagement-212Bethany and Michael Engagement-264Bethany and Michael Engagement-257Bethany and Michael Engagement-300Bethany and Michael Engagement-306Bethany and Michael Engagement-303Bethany and Michael Engagement-312Bethany and Michael Engagement-322Bethany and Michael Engagement-331Bethany and Michael Engagement-337Bethany and Michael Engagement-347Bethany and Michael Engagement-360Bethany and Michael Engagement-339Bethany and Michael Engagement-376Bethany and Michael Engagement-379Bethany and Michael Engagement-398Bethany and Michael Engagement-407



Becca + Tom | Engaged


 Last weekend I had the privilege of traveling to Richmond to meet up with Becca and Tom for their engagement session! The weather was incredible and the city was just beautiful! Becca and Tom are so sweet and I loved being able to get to know them. I’m so excited for their wedding in August!

2014-04-21_00022014-04-21_00032014-04-21_00262014-04-21_00042014-04-21_00052014-04-21_00062014-04-21_00072014-04-21_00082014-04-21_00092014-04-21_00102014-04-21_00112014-04-21_00122014-04-21_00132014-04-21_00142014-04-21_00152014-04-21_00162014-04-21_00172014-04-21_00182014-04-21_0019After taking some pictures downtown we went to Libby Hill Park which was gorgeous!!! Get ready for some amazing spring colors!


Kristin + Nolan | Engaged

Kristin and Nolan-346

 Kristin and Nolan are such a sweet couple and I’m so glad we got to do their engagement session last week! Kristin and Nolan live in Washington state so we thought we wouldn’t be able to work in a session for them, but we actually decided kind of last minute to try to squeeze one in while they were in town for the holidays! I met them on a chilly morning at Kristin’s parent’s farm in Grottoes. It was cold but this couple came ready to snuggle! Not to mention they brought their adorable pup Dakota with them. I love any session that includes a dog!

Kristin and Nolan-7Kristin and Nolan-13Kristin and Nolan-25Kristin and Nolan-18Kristin and Nolan-29Kristin and Nolan-47Kristin and Nolan-80Kristin and Nolan-53Kristin and Nolan-56Kristin and Nolan-100Kristin and Nolan-110Kristin and Nolan-116Kristin and Nolan-127Kristin and Nolan-139Kristin and Nolan-128Kristin and Nolan-428Kristin and Nolan-147Kristin and Nolan-155Kristin and Nolan-159Kristin and Nolan-179Kristin and Nolan-182Kristin and Nolan-184Kristin and Nolan-199Kristin and Nolan-247Kristin and Nolan-258Kristin and Nolan-251Kristin and Nolan-260Kristin and Nolan-268Kristin and Nolan-271Kristin and Nolan-273Kristin and Nolan-277Kristin and Nolan-413Kristin and Nolan-304Kristin and Nolan-317Kristin and Nolan-320Kristin and Nolan-321Kristin and Nolan-331Kristin and Nolan-346Kristin and Nolan-348Kristin and Nolan-401

Julie + David | Engaged

Julie and David Engagement-63

I am so in love with this couple and this session! Julie was actually a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot this summer and I was thrilled when she contacted me just months later telling me she was now engaged!!! Julie LOVES Christmas so we decided to start their session at a Christmas tree farm! I met up with Julie and David at Francisco Farms in Staunton. It was windy and a little chilly but this couple made their session so cozy! After the farm, we headed to downtown Staunton to finish things up. I totally fell in love with these guys… and Julie’s laughter is the best! I am so very excited for their wedding next year!

Julie and David Engagement-36Julie and David Engagement-43Julie and David Engagement-13Julie and David Engagement-53Julie and David Engagement-82Julie and David Engagement-70Julie and David Engagement-287Julie and David Engagement-84Julie and David Engagement-101Julie and David Engagement-141Julie and David Engagement-168Julie and David Engagement-157Julie and David Engagement-173Julie and David Engagement-179Julie and David Engagement-204Julie and David Engagement-217Julie and David Engagement-222Julie and David Engagement-224Julie and David Engagement-230Julie and David Engagement-235Julie and David Engagement-238Julie and David Engagement-240Julie and David Engagement-247Julie and David Engagement-249Julie and David Engagement-252Julie and David Engagement-273Julie and David Engagement-282Julie and David Engagement-311Julie and David Engagement-353Julie and David Engagement-275Julie and David Engagement-360

 I love how beautiful the buildings are in downtown Staunton! Also… these guys are like models!

Julie and David Engagement-374Julie and David Engagement-379Julie and David Engagement-384Julie and David Engagement-397-2Julie and David Engagement-408Julie and David Engagement-414Julie and David Engagement-420Julie and David Engagement-430Julie and David Engagement-434Julie and David Engagement-447Julie and David Engagement-453Julie and David Engagement-464Julie and David Engagement-469Julie and David Engagement-494Julie and David Engagement-473Julie and David Engagement-504Julie and David Engagement-516Julie and David Engagement-507Julie and David Engagement-536Julie and David Engagement-530Julie and David Engagement-540Julie and David Engagement-513Julie and David Engagement-568Julie and David Engagement-572Julie and David Engagement-588Julie and David Engagement-605Julie and David Engagement-636



Grace + Dan | Engaged

Grace and Dan Engaged-88

Grace and Dan are such an amazing couple! They started dating while they were in high school… then they went to separate colleges, but that didn’t stop them! They survived a four year long distance relationship. You can really tell by being around them how strong their love is! Dan proposed to Grace on a cross-country road trip last year while they were hiking in Yellowstone National Park. I am SO EXCITED to witness them become husband and wife in April!

We had to reschedule their engagement session once due to rainy weather and I have to say… I’m so glad we did! The color of the leaves the day of their session made me want to jump up and down. The trees were gorgeous!!! 

Grace and Dan Engaged-3Grace and Dan Engaged-4Grace and Dan Engaged-20Grace and Dan Engaged-40Grace and Dan Engaged-83Grace and Dan Engaged-97Grace and Dan Engaged-103Grace and Dan Engaged-105Grace and Dan Engaged-114Grace and Dan Engaged-128Grace and Dan Engaged-142Grace and Dan Engaged-153Grace and Dan Engaged-155Grace and Dan Engaged-158Grace and Dan Engaged-184Grace and Dan Engaged-172Grace and Dan Engaged-196Grace and Dan Engaged-205Grace and Dan Engaged-217Grace and Dan Engaged-220Grace and Dan Engaged-230Grace and Dan Engaged-257Grace and Dan Engaged-270Grace and Dan Engaged-275Grace and Dan Engaged-233Grace and Dan Engaged-278Grace and Dan Engaged-301Grace and Dan Engaged-310Grace and Dan Engaged-319Grace and Dan Engaged-333Grace and Dan Engaged-344Grace and Dan Engaged-364Grace and Dan Engaged-408Grace and Dan Engaged-416Grace and Dan Engaged-441Grace and Dan Engaged-435Grace and Dan Engaged-457

Lauren + Nick | Engaged

Lauren and Nick Engagement-212This engagement session was special for me because I grew up with Lauren! We lived across the street from each other growing up and I was so honored when she contacted me about her wedding next May! We started the session out by including their sweet little boy Tucker. I love how he was a part of their engagement session! Here are some of my favorites… Congratulations Lauren and Nick!

Lauren and Nick Engagement-1Lauren and Nick Engagement-15Lauren and Nick Engagement-18Lauren and Nick Engagement-30Lauren and Nick Engagement-54Lauren and Nick Engagement-75Lauren and Nick Engagement-112Lauren and Nick Engagement-137Lauren and Nick Engagement-143Lauren and Nick Engagement-127Lauren and Nick Engagement-175Lauren and Nick Engagement-202Lauren and Nick Engagement-209Lauren and Nick Engagement-221Lauren and Nick Engagement-225Lauren and Nick Engagement-234Lauren and Nick Engagement-258Lauren and Nick Engagement-251Lauren and Nick Engagement-272Lauren and Nick Engagement-269Lauren and Nick Engagement-289Lauren and Nick Engagement-309Lauren and Nick Engagement-312Lauren and Nick Engagement-324Lauren and Nick Engagement-338Lauren and Nick Engagement-351Lauren and Nick Engagement-363Lauren and Nick Engagement-359

Kimberly + Hunter | Engaged

Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-66I loved everything about Kimberly and Hunter’s session last weekend! They actually live right down the road from me so we didn’t have to go far to find some very pretty places to take their pictures. The light was so gorgeous but at the end we were racing against the sunset! I loved hearing about how they met and their plans for their wedding next year. I’m also a dog lover… therefore I totally fell for their sweet pup Calvin who sat still for a FEW pictures :) Enjoy!

Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-8Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-18Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-20Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-24Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-26-2Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-25Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-30Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-35Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-40Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-43Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-47Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-55Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-81Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-83Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-104Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-90Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-109Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-108Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-115Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-130Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-119Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-126Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-132Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-140Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-159Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-199Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-208Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-213Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-236Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-246Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-257Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-268Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-283


Casey + William | Engaged

Casey and William Engagement-151Last weekend I met up with Casey and William for their engagement session at William’s family farm in Winchester! After rescheduling a couple of times due to weather I was so glad to get off the interstate and see that there wasn’t a cloud in sight. The farm was incredible… and Casey and William had a list of places for us to go for the session. We started out by the peach and apple trees that had lots of dreamy light pouring through the leaves and then did some by a barn with hay bales and an open field with so many gorgeous locations! These two were a dream to photograph too… you can see their love for each other in these images. I’m crazy excited for their September wedding!

Casey and William Engagement-40Casey and William Engagement-64Casey and William Engagement-29Casey and William Engagement-44Casey and William Engagement-67Casey and William Engagement-85Casey and William Engagement-98Casey and William Engagement-104Casey and William Engagement-125Casey and William Engagement-130Casey and William Engagement-142Casey and William Engagement-180Casey and William Engagement-173Casey and William Engagement-199Casey and William Engagement-209Casey and William Engagement-218Casey and William Engagement-227Casey and William Engagement-245Casey and William Engagement-255Casey and William Engagement-251Casey and William Engagement-292Casey and William Engagement-282Casey and William Engagement-333Casey and William Engagement-320Casey and William Engagement-348Casey and William Engagement-368Casey and William Engagement-377Casey and William Engagement-395Casey and William Engagement-389Casey and William Engagement-407Casey and William Engagement-417Casey and William Engagement-421Casey and William Engagement-430Casey and William Engagement-467Casey and William Engagement-461Casey and William Engagement-476Casey and William Engagement-483Casey and William Engagement-489Casey and William Engagement-526Casey and William Engagement-560Casey and William Engagement-572Casey and William Engagement-585Casey and William Engagement-590Casey and William Engagement-601Casey and William Engagement-614Casey and William Engagement-627Casey and William Engagement-637Casey and William Engagement-675Casey and William Engagement-640