Meet Danielle | Head Shots

Danielle Head Shots-89I’m so happy to introduce you to Danielle! A fellow photographer and old friend, Danielle and I go way back! We were very close at a time in our lives where we were both young, single mothers. We shared struggles and strengths, and because of that we bonded. And while life took us separate ways that part of our friendship will always be meaningful to me! So when Danielle contacted me about doing some head shots for her photography business I was totally flattered and honored! Head on over to Danilion Photography to check out her work!

Danielle Head Shots-17Danielle Head Shots-41Danielle Head Shots-74Danielle Head Shots-81Danielle Head Shots-57Danielle Head Shots-30Danielle Head Shots-92Danielle Head Shots-128Danielle Head Shots-102Danielle Head Shots-97Danielle Head Shots-132Danielle Head Shots-133Danielle Head Shots-149Danielle Head Shots-163Danielle Head Shots-174Danielle Head Shots-176Danielle Head Shots-180

Meet Katie | Headshots

Katie Head Shots-32Katie contacted me because she was in need of some headshots for employment opportunities. We met up at the James Madison University campus last week for her session. Katie is so sweet AND beautiful! I wish her the best!

Katie Head Shots-1Katie Head Shots-9Katie Head Shots-6Katie Head Shots-13Katie Head Shots-27Katie Head Shots-30Katie Head Shots-38Katie Head Shots-46Katie Head Shots-44Katie Head Shots-71Katie Head Shots-58Katie Head Shots-76Katie Head Shots-91Katie Head Shots-120Katie Head Shots-126Katie Head Shots-147Katie Head Shots-155Katie Head Shots-169Katie Head Shots-158