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Asher | Newborn

2014-04-14_0001Meet Asher. He is the sweetest little guy! I was so happy to finally be able to meet him last weekend. It’s always so special to me when I get to see a family I’ve gotten to know through photography grow! If you recognize Asher’s family it’s because they have been on my blog before! Asher’s sweet brother Silas is almost two now, which I just can’t believe! He is a great big brother! I love this family and feel so blessed to be able to be there for these special moments!

2014-04-14_00022014-04-14_00032014-04-14_00052014-04-14_00062014-04-14_00072014-04-14_0008Sweet brothers!


2014-04-14_0024We headed to downtown Staunton to take some birthday pictures for Silas!

2014-04-14_00252014-04-14_00262014-04-14_00272014-04-14_00282014-04-14_00292014-04-14_0030Family hug!

2014-04-14_00322014-04-14_00312014-04-14_0033Congratulations on your new addition Cantwell family and Happy Birthday Silas!!!

Jennifer + Kemper | Blacksburg Elopement


I started off my wedding season this year with something a little different! When I got an email from Jennifer saying that she was planning on getting married on the Virginia Tech campus and the only people who were attending were her, her soon to be husband, and their officiant, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! The weather was such a mess. I woke up that morning with a text from Jennifer letting me know it was snowing and asking if I still wanted to come. She even joked that they could just take pictures with their cell phones! :) I believe that every wedding, no matter how small, deserves amazing pictures… so I headed to Blacksburg! By the time I arrived, it was barely snowing anymore but it was windy and so so cold! Jennifer and Kemper were such troopers! The wedding ceremony was very short but very sweet and special. Then we headed around campus to take pictures at some of their favorite locations! 

Jennifer and Kemper, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Congratulations!

2014-04-08_00022014-04-08_00032014-04-08_00042014-04-08_00052014-04-08_00062014-04-08_00072014-04-08_00082014-04-08_00092014-04-08_00102014-04-08_00112014-04-08_00122014-04-08_00132014-04-08_00142014-04-08_00152014-04-08_00162014-04-08_00172014-04-08_00182014-04-08_0019Oh yeah… then this guys came by for a picture! :)

2014-04-08_00202014-04-08_00212014-04-08_00222014-04-08_00232014-04-08_00242014-04-08_00252014-04-08_0026They had the most adorable tiny cake!!!


Products | New Sample Album

2014-03-31_0001When I first started photographing weddings, I didn’t really offer albums. I had a company I sort of liked so I had an album made and I just wasn’t truly happy with it. Last year I decided I needed to get my act together and really offer my clients something more. Something I was happy with as the photographer. Something I could be truly proud of and excited to show my clients!!! I had several friends who had used Madera and were very happy with them, so I decided to give them a try and let me tell you… I’m so happy I did!  

With digital photography so popular most people end up with their wedding pictures on a disc, flash drive, or just sitting on their computer. Beautiful images deserve so much more than that! You as a couple work SO HARD on your wedding day, and your photographer works SO HARD to give you an amazing experience and gorgeous images! They should be on display for everyone to see! I think that a beautiful, high quality album is an amazing way to do that!

I chose to showcase Liz and Clarke‘s amazing wedding in my new sample album! All albums come in these incredible leather cases!

2014-03-31_00022014-03-31_00032014-03-31_00042014-03-31_0005One of my favorite touches is that I can have my logo embossed on the front inside cover of the album!

2014-03-31_00062014-03-31_00072014-03-31_00092014-03-31_00102014-03-31_00112014-03-31_00122014-03-31_0013My favorite first look ever!


These pages are so thick and durable… love it!


Woodland Romance | Styled Shoot

2014-03-23_00432014-03-23_00442014-03-23_00452014-03-23_00462014-03-23_00472014-03-23_00482014-03-23_00492014-03-23_00512014-03-23_00502014-03-23_00522014-03-23_00532014-03-23_00542014-03-23_00552014-03-23_00562014-03-23_00572014-03-23_00582014-03-23_00592014-03-23_00602014-03-23_00612014-03-23_00622014-03-23_00632014-03-23_00642014-03-23_00652014-03-23_00662014-03-23_00672014-03-23_00682014-03-23_00692014-03-23_00702014-03-23_00712014-03-23_00722014-03-23_00732014-03-23_00742014-03-23_00752014-03-23_00762014-03-23_00772014-03-23_00782014-03-23_00802014-03-23_00812014-03-23_00822014-03-23_00832014-03-23_00842014-03-23_00852014-03-23_00862014-03-23_00872014-03-23_00892014-03-23_00882014-03-23_00902014-03-23_00912014-03-23_00922014-03-23_00932014-03-23_00952014-03-23_00962014-03-23_00972014-03-23_00982014-03-23_00992014-03-23_01002014-03-23_01012014-03-23_01032014-03-23_01042014-03-23_01052014-03-23_01062014-03-23_01082014-03-23_01092014-03-23_01102014-03-23_01072014-03-23_01112014-03-23_01122014-03-23_01132014-03-23_01142014-03-23_01152014-03-23_01162014-03-23_0117Thank you so much to all of the vendors who dedicated their time and work to this shoot! We couldn’t have done it without you! 

A special thank you to my amazing friend and stylist Sara. Your vision and talent is the heart of this shoot!

Stylist ~ Sara Christensen, The Lady Jane

Flowers ~ Abby Long, Blakemore’s Flowers

Venue ~ Spring Creek Roller Mills

Dresses ~ Erin Coleman, Truly Bridal

Calligraphy and Paper ~ Laura Lavender Calligraphy & Illustration

Model ~ Farren Francis

Rebecca + Ryan | Expecting

2014-03-03_0026I’m so excited to share this session with you! Rebecca and Ryan are expecting their first baby this month, and I can tell they are both going to be amazing parents! We met up on the JMU campus for their session… in the SNOW! These two did such an amazing job in the cold weather. Rebecca and I work together and I am so very eager to meet their precious little girl… Ellie! Congratulations Rebecca and Ryan!2014-03-03_00272014-03-03_00292014-03-03_00302014-03-03_00312014-03-03_00322014-03-03_00332014-03-03_00342014-03-03_00352014-03-03_00362014-03-03_00372014-03-03_00382014-03-03_00392014-03-03_00402014-03-03_00422014-03-03_00432014-03-03_00442014-03-03_00452014-03-03_00462014-03-03_00472014-03-03_0049

Life | Birthdays!

2014-02-17_0001It’s that time of year again! It’s been birthday time in our house. With our girls having their birthdays 10 days apart it’s nothing short of chaotic here the first two months of the year. Taylor just turned 13 and Ava just turned 4! I always do a birthday shoot for both of them. Nothing too extravagant… literally just 5-10 minutes of capturing their personalities! I’m cheating a little bit this year by combining their blog posts. :)

2014-02-17_0002Something happened this year with Ava… my sweet little baby who sits and smiles at the camera is missing. She was all about having her pictures taken until I actually got my camera ready! 

2014-02-17_0003Now, Taylor on the other hand is always camera ready! 

2014-02-17_0004I just can’t believe this girl is a teenager!

2014-02-17_0005Happy Birthday to my beautiful girls!!!

Abraham | Newborn

2014-02-03_0023This is Abraham. His parents call his “Bram” which is just the cutest nickname ever! Last weekend I was so excited to get to meet him and capture some moments from his first month at home! Bram has been blessed with some super sweet parents. It was so heart warming to watch these first time parents interact with him. They are so in LOVE! :) Here are a few of my favorites from Baby Abraham’s session!



Greyson | Newborn

Greyson Newborn-142

 Meet Greyson. Isn’t he just so handsome? I did his parent’s engagement session a couple of years ago and now they have this special new addition in their lives and it was so amazing to be able to take picture of him too! Here are just a few of my favorites from his session.

Greyson Newborn-48Greyson Newborn-62Greyson Newborn-54Greyson Newborn-67Greyson Newborn-85Greyson Newborn-159Greyson Newborn-110Greyson Newborn-114Greyson Newborn-121Greyson Newborn-115Greyson Newborn-126Greyson Newborn-127Greyson Newborn-135Greyson Newborn-138Greyson Newborn-153Greyson Newborn-155Greyson Newborn-185Greyson Newborn-205Greyson Newborn-210Greyson Newborn-312And a little something in honor of his first Christmas…

Greyson Newborn-347