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Tara + Craig | King Family Vineyards Wedding


Tara and Craig … The day of their wedding was overcast. There was a slight breeze when I pulled up to King Family Vineyards. The mountains were bright blue in the distance. The sun was poking through the clouds ever so slightly. It was perfect! Every little detail was incredible.

There isn’t much I can say about Tara and Craig that their family and friends don’t already know. They are kind. They are generous. They are selfless. They have two of the biggest hearts. They are masters at spreading love and joy. They were truly made for each other, and being a part of their wedding day was amazing!

JOY. It’s a small but powerful word. And when I think of Tara and Craig’s wedding day, it’s the first word that comes to mind. The light on Tara’s face when she was finally in her dress – JOY. The excitement felt as I positioned Tara and Craig for their First Look – JOY. When Craig couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Tara looked and how lucky he was – JOY. When people gathered and listened to them read their incredibly thoughtful and loving vows to one another – JOY. When they laughed and smiled and danced their hearts out all night in celebration – JOY!

The reason that word is so important to me in this post is because for the first time, I really understood what it means to capture the spirit of the day. Sadly, not long after their wedding day, Tara lost her father. I know this has been a devastating time for her and her family. I can only hope that these images captured the JOY of the day and can serve as a reminder of the happiness he felt before he died. And with her permission, I’m sharing these images with love and excitement… and JOY.



One of my absolute favorite parts of the day was the intimate time Tara and Craig shared with each other before their first look. They exchanged cards and gift. They ended up giving each other the same card! 



More bride a groom portraits! Isn’t this vintage couch amazing?



Congratulations Tara and Craig! Thank you to Sarah Goodwin for being my second shooter!


Venue: King Family Vineyards

Flowers: Honey Bee’s Florist

Bride’s Dress: David Tutera from White Swan

Groom’s Attire: Perry Ellis

Hair and Makeup: Amber Lowe

DJ: Greg Tutwiler

Videographer: Hoopla Media

Cake: The Cupcake Company

Invitation: Smart Press – designed by bride’s sister!

Favors: Brother’s Craft Brewing Beer

Vintage Couch Rental: Valley Heirlooms


Bethany + Michael | Shenandoah Valley Golf Club Wedding

Bethany and Michael Wedding-1687

 As I pulled up to the venue on the day of Bethany and Michael’s wedding I remember thinking how beautiful it was. Friends and family were already hard at work making everything perfect. I walked into the most adorable house where Bethany and her girls were getting ready. Everyone looked beautiful and had smiles from ear to ear! I loved everything about this wedding. Everything was very elegant and romantic… it was perfect! Right before the ceremony was about to begin, clouds moved in, the sky turned dark, and sure enough it started to rain…. and it didn’t just rain, it poured! Hail was pounding the roads and trees were being blown sideways. My heart dropped for Bethany, Michael, and their families. They had worked so hard on everything! But I’ll tell you what… as quickly and efficiently as their family and friends had set everything up outside, they worked the same way to get everything moved inside. And this couple didn’t let the rain ruin a single moment of their day. Right before the ceremony, Bethany and Michael met for prayer and some other special moments. At that point the rain didn’t matter. They were ready to get married…

After the ceremony, the clouds lifted and we had perfect weather for outdoor pictures! The day was filled with love, laughter, friends and family. And not only was it about Bethany and Michael becoming husband and wife, but also a family with their daughter Camdyn! It was such a pleasure being there for their day!

Bethany and Michael Wedding-29Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-3Bethany and Michael Wedding-62Bethany and Michael Wedding-56Bethany and Michael Wedding-6Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-9Bethany and Michael Wedding-44Bethany and Michael Wedding-81Bethany and Michael Wedding-104Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-28Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-21Bethany and Michael Wedding-127Bethany and Michael Wedding-121Bethany and Michael Wedding-171Bethany and Michael Wedding-203Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-8Bethany and Michael Wedding-234Bethany and Michael Wedding-264Bethany and Michael Wedding-241Bethany and Michael Wedding-249Bethany and Michael Wedding-272Bethany and Michael Wedding-281Bethany and Michael Wedding-318Bethany and Michael Wedding-326Bethany and Michael Wedding-370Bethany and Michael Wedding-378Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-115Bethany and Michael Wedding-433Bethany and Michael Wedding-410Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-142Bethany and Michael Wedding-449Bethany and Michael Wedding-461Bethany and Michael Wedding-468Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-163Bethany and Michael Wedding-482Bethany and Michael Wedding-506 Bethany and her father had a first look… not a dry eye in the house!


Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-183Bethany and Michael Wedding-5152015-05-28_0001Bethany and Michael Wedding-590Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-221Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-202Bethany and Michael Wedding-617Bethany and Michael Wedding-631Bethany and Michael Wedding-786Bethany and Michael Wedding-698Bethany and Michael Wedding-729Bethany and Michael Wedding-742Bethany and Michael Wedding-704Bethany and Michael Wedding-740Bethany and Michael Wedding-753Bethany and Michael Wedding-841Bethany and Michael Wedding-775Bethany and Michael Wedding-807Bethany and Michael Wedding-860Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-300Bethany and Michael Wedding-919Bethany and Michael Wedding-949Bethany and Michael Wedding-933Bethany and Michael Wedding-958 

Two of my favorite pictures of the whole day, so special!


Bethany and Michael Wedding-1070Bethany and Michael Wedding-1077Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-467Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-468Bethany and Michael Wedding-1156Bethany and Michael Wedding-1172Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-509Bethany and Michael Wedding-1187Bethany and Michael Wedding-1203Bethany and Michael Wedding-1215Bethany and Michael Wedding-1521Bethany and Michael Wedding-1584Bethany and Michael Wedding-1554Bethany and Michael Wedding-1560Bethany and Michael Wedding-1366Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-597



Seriously… these guys make my job easy!Bethany and Michael Wedding-1599Bethany and Michael Wedding-1613Bethany and Michael Wedding-1622Bethany and Michael Wedding-1655Bethany and Michael Wedding-1667Bethany and Michael Wedding-1752Bethany and Michael Wedding-1744Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-673Bethany and Michael Wedding-1806Bethany and Michael Wedding-1769Bethany and Michael Wedding-1819Bethany and Michael Wedding-1844Bethany and Michael Wedding-1838Bethany and Michael Wedding-1858Bethany and Michael Wedding-1922Bethany and Michael Wedding-1896Bethany and Michael Wedding-1910Bethany and Michael Wedding-1949Bethany and Michael Wedding-1956Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-717Bethany and Michael Wedding-1966Bethany and Michael Wedding-1970Bethany and Michael Wedding-2193Bethany and Michael Wedding-971Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-328Bethany and Michael Wedding-1026Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-326Bethany and Michael Wedding-1002Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-759Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-761Bethany and Michael Wedding-1053Bethany and Michael Wedding-1056Bethany and Michael Wedding-1057Bethany and Michael Wedding-2207Bethany and Michael Wedding-1049Bethany and Michael Wedding-2267Bethany and Michael Wedding-2355Bethany and Michael Wedding-2305Bethany and Michael Wedding-2091Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-804Bethany and Michael Wedding-2097Bethany and Michael Wedding-2125Bethany and Michael Wedding-2351Bethany and Michael Wedding-23802015-06-01_00012015-06-01_00022015-06-01_00032015-06-01_00042015-06-01_00052015-06-01_00062015-06-01_00072015-06-01_0008Bethany and Michael Wedding 2-404


Congratulations Bethany and Michael!  

A huge thank you to Sarah Goodwin for shooting with me! I could not have done it without her!


Venue: Shenandoah Valley Golf Club

Bride’s Gown: Eddy K from Ava Laurenne

Flowers: Buttercups Floral Design

Hair: CalJack’s Salon

Entertainment: DJ Jammin’ Jim

Cake: Beckaboo’s Cakes

Bridemaid’s Attire: Dessy from Ebrada

Men’s Attire: Classic Tuxedos


2014 Behind The Scenes

2015-01-06_0010Ah! Guys, it feels like I’ve been gone from the blog forever! I promise I am still here! Things have been so busy for me lately and it’s been refreshing to take a little break. In November we finally moved into our new house (post on that soon to come!) and then the holidays happened… complete with me being sick with the flu! That was worst! 

This is such a fun post to do. 2014 was a fabulous year for Erin Forehand Photography and I wanted to share a little bit of me working behind the scenes! My second shooters always end up getting me in some of their shots. I had the privilege of having some really awesome girls help me out this year. These pictures were all taken by them! (Sarah, Casey, Kendall, Ashley and Alicia… you guys are the best!)

As for 2015… well things are going to be a little different. I have been taking this down time to really think about how I can not only improve my business this year, but also how I can improve the experience for my clients! I am excited about what’s ahead and eager to share more with you guys!

I tend to stand in windows… 2015-01-06_0001Wow…. the hair frizz

2015-01-06_0002So so frizzy!

2015-01-06_0014Giving direction… Tom is really learning something here :)

2015-01-06_0013Creeping on this bouquet…

2015-01-06_0003Loved this wedding!

2015-01-06_0004Guys… get closer… really :)

2015-01-06_0005Bridal party time always leads to laughs!

2015-01-06_00062015-01-06_0007In the window… again

2015-01-06_0008 Let me introduce you to my wedding day footless tights… We are BFFs 

2015-01-06_0009I’ve become pretty good at bout pinning :)

2015-01-06_0012Love these two!!!


Thank you to all of my 2014 couples and second shooters!!!

Stephanie + Nick | James Madison University Engagement Session

Stephanie and Nick Engagement-203Stephanie and Nick are such a sweet couple! They both graduated from JMU and it was so fun spending the afternoon with them on campus for their engagement session last weekend! It was a pleasure learning bits and pieces of their story and their plans for their wedding next year! Congratulations Stephanie and Nick! 

Stephanie and Nick Engagement-7Stephanie and Nick Engagement-4Stephanie and Nick Engagement-17Stephanie and Nick Engagement-25Stephanie and Nick Engagement-55Stephanie and Nick Engagement-65Stephanie and Nick Engagement-27Stephanie and Nick Engagement-40Stephanie and Nick Engagement-60Stephanie and Nick Engagement-105Stephanie and Nick Engagement-134Stephanie and Nick Engagement-139Stephanie and Nick Engagement-144Stephanie and Nick Engagement-173Stephanie and Nick Engagement-158Stephanie and Nick Engagement-186Stephanie and Nick Engagement-194Stephanie and Nick Engagement-208Stephanie and Nick Engagement-221Stephanie and Nick Engagement-226Stephanie and Nick Engagement-234Stephanie and Nick Engagement-307Stephanie and Nick Engagement-312Stephanie and Nick Engagement-327Stephanie and Nick Engagement-345Stephanie and Nick Engagement-351Stephanie and Nick Engagement-371Stephanie and Nick Engagement-359Stephanie and Nick Engagement-269Stephanie and Nick Engagement-348Stephanie and Nick Engagement-396Stephanie and Nick Engagement-383Stephanie and Nick Engagement-412Stephanie and Nick Engagement-434Stephanie and Nick Engagement-410Stephanie and Nick Engagement-457Stephanie and Nick Engagement-475Stephanie and Nick Engagement-489Stephanie and Nick Engagement-526Stephanie and Nick Engagement-513Stephanie and Nick Engagement-600Stephanie and Nick Engagement-552Stephanie and Nick Engagement-540Stephanie and Nick Engagement-583Stephanie and Nick Engagement-578Stephanie and Nick Engagement-615Stephanie and Nick Engagement-245Stephanie and Nick Engagement-596Stephanie and Nick Engagement-646Stephanie and Nick Engagement-673Stephanie and Nick Engagement-705Stephanie and Nick Engagement-733Stephanie and Nick Engagement-724Stephanie and Nick Engagement-748Stephanie and Nick Engagement-765Stephanie and Nick Engagement-784Stephanie and Nick Engagement-808



Nicholson Family | Expecting

Tara Maternity-40This session holds such a special place in my heart. Tara is such a good friend and it has been so amazing being able to watch her sweet family grow. In just weeks (if not sooner) this family will welcome a second little boy into their family!!!

I always choose my favorite picture as the first image in a blog post, and you might notice something different about this image. It’s a little chaotic. No one is looking at the camera. Chandler is off playing in the leaves and his parents attention is on him. But I ADORE this image! It’s not posed. It’s natural. Tara and Zac have an energetic little boy and he keeps them so busy! I was so blessed to have done Tara’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with Chandler. It’s amazing how different things were this time! Chandler wasn’t really interested in having his pictures taken. I mean, what little boy has the time to sit and smile for the camera?  

The title of this post says it all! Instead of just Tara and Zac expecting this time, the whole family is expecting! I’m so excited to meet him and I know they are too! 

Tara Maternity-30Tara Maternity-34Tara Maternity-55Tara Maternity-66Tara Maternity-71Tara Maternity-90Tara Maternity-115Tara Maternity-84Tara Maternity-126Tara Maternity-119Tara Maternity-145Tara Maternity-163Tara Maternity-151Love!!!Tara Maternity-165Tara Maternity-203Tara Maternity-292Tara Maternity-262Tara Maternity-299Tara Maternity-319Tara Maternity-353Tara Maternity-356Tara Maternity-371Tara Maternity-396Tara Maternity-405Tara Maternity-412Tara Maternity-419Tara Maternity-437Tara Maternity-455


Julie + David | King Family Vineyards Wedding

Julie and David Wedding-1571I have been so completely blessed to have been able to work with some really incredible couples this year! Julie and David are such amazing people and being able to be a part of their wedding day was a true honor. Julie was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot last year, and she emailed me as soon as she was engaged. Her email had smiley faces and exclamation points all over it… just like me! She was so excited to be engaged to David and couldn’t wait to be his wife! I have been looking forward to this wedding since their engagement session last winter and when the day finally arrived it was just as incredible as I thought it would be!

Julie worked so hard on the details and it paid off! Everything was perfect! King Family Vineyards is officially my new favorite venue. It is stunning!!! 

Julie and David… thank you so much for having me be there to document your wedding day. You guys are such a special couple and I know great things are in your future!!!

Julie and David Wedding-247First of all let me start by saying that I died when I saw these amazing shoes…Julie and David Wedding-51Julie and David Wedding-171 Julie and David Wedding-21Julie and David Wedding 2-122Julie and David Wedding-97Julie and David Wedding-44Julie and David Wedding-157Julie and David Wedding-41Julie and David Wedding-242Julie and David Wedding-221Julie and David Wedding-90Julie and David Wedding-140Julie and David Wedding-184Julie and David Wedding-160Julie and David Wedding-152Julie and David Wedding-202Julie and David Wedding-284Recognize that gorgeous bridesmaid on the right? Yep, that’s another EFP bride!Julie and David Wedding-290Julie and David Wedding-300Julie and David Wedding-328Julie and David Wedding 2-629Julie and David Wedding-363Beautiful ladies!!!!

Julie and David Wedding-387Julie and David Wedding-401Julie and David Wedding-398Julie and David Wedding-438Julie and David Wedding-466Julie and David Wedding-410Julie and David Wedding-432Julie and David Wedding-460Julie and David Wedding-465Julie and David Wedding-457Julie and David Wedding-435

 Loved the orange that they guys were wearing!

Julie and David Wedding 2-362 Julie and David Wedding 2-389Julie and David Wedding 2-319Julie and David Wedding 2-522Julie and David Wedding 2-399First Look time!

Julie and David Wedding-493Julie and David Wedding 2-655Julie and David Wedding-497Julie and David Wedding-500Julie and David Wedding-517Julie and David Wedding 2-673Julie and David Wedding-521Julie and David Wedding-574Julie and David Wedding-575Julie and David Wedding-573Julie and David Wedding-586Julie and David Wedding-609Julie and David Wedding-590Julie and David Wedding 2-707Julie and David Wedding-619Julie and David Wedding-664Julie and David Wedding-633Julie and David Wedding-639Julie and David Wedding-648Julie and David Wedding-674Julie and David Wedding-691Julie and David Wedding-781Julie and David Wedding-784Julie and David Wedding-701Julie and David Wedding-799Julie and David Wedding-765Julie and David Wedding-745Julie and David Wedding-719Julie and David Wedding-740Julie and David Wedding-791Bridal Party! These guys were so fun! 

Julie and David Wedding-821Julie and David Wedding-850Julie and David Wedding-877Julie and David Wedding-898Julie and David Wedding-911Julie and David Wedding-916Julie and David Wedding-912Julie and David Wedding-952Julie and David Wedding-938Julie and David Wedding-1493Julie and David Wedding 2-920Julie and David Wedding 2-804Julie and David Wedding 2-801Ceremony time! 

Julie and David Wedding 2-862Julie and David Wedding-1165Julie and David Wedding-1202Julie and David Wedding-1179Julie and David Wedding 2-863Julie and David Wedding-1271Julie and David Wedding 2-898Julie and David Wedding-1282Julie and David Wedding-1306

And they’re MARRIED! A few more portraits before the reception!

Julie and David Wedding-1528Julie and David Wedding-1525Julie and David Wedding-1566Julie and David Wedding-1562Seriously Julie…. you’re so gorgeous!

Julie and David Wedding-1576Julie and David Wedding-1584Julie and David Wedding-1591Julie and David Wedding-1624Julie and David Wedding-1595Julie and David Wedding-1641Julie and David Wedding-1619Julie and David Wedding-1648Julie and David Wedding-1663Julie and David Wedding-1658I loved everything about these reception details… and Julie surprised David with his favorite dessert!

Julie and David Wedding 2-929Julie and David Wedding 2-939Julie and David Wedding 2-942Julie and David Wedding 2-937Julie and David Wedding-1672Julie and David Wedding-1700Julie and David Wedding 2-948Julie and David Wedding 2-946Julie and David Wedding 2-987Julie and David Wedding-1675Julie and David Wedding 2-952Julie and David Wedding 2-957Julie and David Wedding-1684Julie and David Wedding-1686Julie and David Wedding-1691Julie and David Wedding-1696Julie and David Wedding 2-985Julie and David Wedding 2-965Julie and David Wedding 2-962Julie and David Wedding 2-963Julie and David Wedding 2-971Julie and David Wedding 2-991Julie and David Wedding 2-981Julie and David Wedding 2-984Julie and David Wedding 2-968Julie and David Wedding-1893Julie and David Wedding-1769Julie and David Wedding 2-1063Julie and David Wedding 2-1057Julie and David Wedding-1788Julie and David Wedding-1827Julie and David Wedding-1828Julie and David Wedding-1836Julie and David Wedding-1831Julie and David Wedding-1853Julie and David Wedding-1924Julie and David Wedding-1961Julie and David Wedding-1971Julie and David Wedding-2000Julie and David Wedding 2-1132Julie and David Wedding-2052Julie and David Wedding-1869Julie and David Wedding-2236Julie and David Wedding-2239Julie and David Wedding-22202014-10-06_00012014-10-06_00022014-10-06_00032014-10-06_00042014-10-06_00052014-10-06_00062014-10-06_00072014-10-06_0008Julie and David Wedding-2832Julie and David Wedding-2843

 Congratulations Julie and David! I hope you had an amazing time in Mexico!!!

A GIGANTIC thank you to my second shooter Alicia Lacey! 


Venue: King Family Vineyards

Church: St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church

Flowers: Blakemore’s Flowers

Bride’s Gown: Pronovias from Bella Rosa Bridal

Hair: The Studio

DJ/Entertainment: Derek J. Tobler

Videographer: Whiddon Productions

Cake: Jessie Lu’s Cakes (one of Julie’s bridesmaids!)

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Alfred Sung from Bella Rosa Bridal

Men’s Attire: Jos A. Bank

Brielle | Two Years

Brielle 2nd Birthday-332I never get tired of photographing this girl! Brielle is so special to me. Her mom is such a good friend of mine and I always jump for joy when she says it’s time for another session! I just can’t believe she has celebrated her second birthday! 

Brielle 2nd Birthday-15Brielle 2nd Birthday-34Brielle 2nd Birthday-48Brielle 2nd Birthday-64Brielle 2nd Birthday-88Brielle 2nd Birthday-92Brielle 2nd Birthday-99Brielle 2nd Birthday-102Brielle 2nd Birthday-106Brielle 2nd Birthday-119Brielle 2nd Birthday-150Brielle 2nd Birthday-135Brielle 2nd Birthday-144Brielle 2nd Birthday-168Brielle 2nd Birthday-151Brielle 2nd Birthday-172Brielle 2nd Birthday-192Brielle 2nd Birthday-179Brielle 2nd Birthday-193Brielle 2nd Birthday-214Brielle 2nd Birthday-197Brielle 2nd Birthday-204Brielle 2nd Birthday-207Brielle 2nd Birthday-222Brielle 2nd Birthday-245Brielle 2nd Birthday-302Brielle 2nd Birthday-250Brielle 2nd Birthday-255Brielle 2nd Birthday-363Brielle 2nd Birthday-321Brielle 2nd Birthday-350Brielle 2nd Birthday-333

Becca + Tom | Richmond Wedding

Becca and Tom Wedding-553

Where do I even begin with this wedding? Becca and Tom are seriously one of the most amazing couples I have had the pleasure of working with! They are so genuine and kind! On their wedding day, the statement I heard the most was “they are amazing people” and I have to say that is so true! You could just tell how much they are loved by all their friends and family!

From the minute I met Becca and Tom I knew… I knew that they are the real deal. They are 100% head over heels in love with each other. Not only are they amazing partners to each other, but they are amazing to everyone around them… friends, family, strangers… you name it! They would do anything for the people they love!

I adored everything about their wedding! They started out with a sweet ceremony at The Poe Museum followed by a brunch reception at The Old City Bar! Becca did an amazing job and touched almost every detail! 

Becca and Tom… thank you so much for allowing me to document your day! Congratulations!

Becca and Tom Wedding-198Becca and Tom Wedding-4Becca and Tom Wedding-25Becca and Tom Wedding-55Becca and Tom Wedding-13Becca and Tom Wedding-39Becca and Tom Wedding-123Becca and Tom Wedding-64Becca and Tom Wedding 2-58Becca and Tom Wedding-100Becca and Tom Wedding-145Becca and Tom Wedding-245Becca and Tom Wedding-285Becca and Tom Wedding-305Becca and Tom Wedding-311Becca and Tom Wedding-345Becca and Tom Wedding-380Becca and Tom Wedding-395Becca and Tom Wedding-388Becca and Tom Wedding-397


Oh my word Becca…

Becca and Tom Wedding-411Becca and Tom Wedding-422 Becca and Tom Wedding-435Becca and Tom Wedding-427Becca and Tom Wedding-444


I just love the Poe Museum. It’s such a gorgeous venue!

Becca and Tom Wedding 2-123Becca and Tom Wedding-485Becca and Tom Wedding-471Becca and Tom Wedding-484Becca and Tom Wedding-498Becca and Tom Wedding-508


Like what you see Tom?

Becca and Tom Wedding 2-154Becca and Tom Wedding-526Becca and Tom Wedding-530Becca and Tom Wedding-541Becca and Tom Wedding-547Becca and Tom Wedding-560Becca and Tom Wedding-577Becca and Tom Wedding-595Becca and Tom Wedding-606Becca and Tom Wedding-620Becca and Tom Wedding-686Becca and Tom Wedding-693Becca and Tom Wedding-717


Lots of kissing…

Becca and Tom Wedding-743Becca and Tom Wedding-745Becca and Tom Wedding-751Becca and Tom Wedding 2-235Becca and Tom Wedding-765Becca and Tom Wedding 2-248Becca and Tom Wedding-797Becca and Tom Wedding-806Becca and Tom Wedding-817Becca and Tom Wedding 2-259Becca and Tom Wedding-788Becca and Tom Wedding-809Becca and Tom Wedding-794Becca and Tom Wedding 2-289Becca and Tom Wedding-849Becca and Tom Wedding-843Becca and Tom Wedding 2-322Becca and Tom Wedding-835Becca and Tom Wedding-855Becca and Tom Wedding-880Becca and Tom Wedding-907Becca and Tom Wedding 2-363Becca and Tom Wedding-930Becca and Tom Wedding-945Becca and Tom Wedding-961Becca and Tom Wedding-965Becca and Tom Wedding-1082Becca and Tom Wedding-1229Becca and Tom Wedding-1100Becca and Tom Wedding-1026Becca and Tom Wedding-1131Becca and Tom Wedding-1156Becca and Tom Wedding-1169Becca and Tom Wedding-1173Becca and Tom Wedding-1185Becca and Tom Wedding-1203Becca and Tom Wedding-1135


Reception time! The Old City Bar was perfect!

Becca and Tom Wedding 2-477Becca and Tom Wedding-1278Becca and Tom Wedding 2-494Becca and Tom Wedding-1451Becca and Tom Wedding-1458Becca and Tom Wedding-1459Becca and Tom Wedding 2-431Becca and Tom Wedding-1454Becca and Tom Wedding-1752Becca and Tom Wedding-1437Becca and Tom Wedding 2-434Becca and Tom Wedding-1304Becca and Tom Wedding-1365Becca and Tom Wedding-1321Becca and Tom Wedding-1322Becca and Tom Wedding-1367Becca and Tom Wedding 2-524Becca and Tom Wedding-1395Becca and Tom Wedding-1276Becca and Tom Wedding 2-498Becca and Tom Wedding 2-481Becca and Tom Wedding 2-492Becca and Tom Wedding-1389Becca and Tom Wedding-1418Becca and Tom Wedding-1653Becca and Tom Wedding-1701Becca and Tom Wedding-1664Becca and Tom Wedding-1771Becca and Tom Wedding-1669Becca and Tom Wedding-1674Becca and Tom Wedding-1706Becca and Tom Wedding-1717Becca and Tom Wedding-1784Becca and Tom Wedding-1485Becca and Tom Wedding-1517Becca and Tom Wedding-1970Becca and Tom Wedding-19932014-09-09_00012014-09-09_00022014-09-09_00032014-09-09_00042014-09-09_00052014-09-09_00062014-09-09_00072014-09-09_00082014-09-09_00092014-09-09_0010

 Congratulations Becca and Tom!!!

Thank you to my second shooter for the day, Ashley Link!


Bride’s Dress: Ann Taylor

Flowers: Petals & Twigs

Ceremony Venue: The Poe Museum

Reception Venue: The Old City Bar

DJ: Splash DJ

Bridesmaid Dress: Etsy

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse


A Personal Note | Love For My Clients

2014-09-02_0001Happy September friends! 

This post is a little personal for me, but I thought it was so important to share. Not only is it important for fellow photographers, but also for clients! I had the most amazing wedding this weekend! But in the days leading up to it, I was a little stressed. It had absolutely nothing to do with the wedding, but I feared that my work might suffer because of it or I might not be able to give my precious bride and groom my all…

I felt… in one word… TIRED. I mean, I know photographers talk about getting burned out, and that might be what it was. And this definitely wasn’t the first time this has happened to me… Sometimes it’s just HARD. It’s HARD to have two jobs, two kids, AND be building a house! 

The second I woke up on the day of Becca and Tom’s wedding though, my attitude flipped. I was happy. I was excited. I woke up remembering what an amazing couple these two are and how unbelievably lucky I am that they chose ME to document the most special day in their lives…

I walked into Becca’s hotel room and her face was beaming. I felt her happiness and it spread through me. She greeted me as if I was a long time friend…

As I set them up for their first look, I felt their excitement and emotion to be seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day…

As I captured Becca coming down the aisle towards Tom with her Mom and Dad on her arms, I felt the love and devotion of both families…

I cried as they read their vows…

I laughed as their best man and maid of honor gave some killer speeches…

When it was time for me to go, I was so blown away by Becca and Tom’s compliments to me. They hugged me and told me how amazing I was… (I could feel my head swelling a bit)

I may have shed some happy tears on the way to my car…

I felt refreshed…

Becca and Tom were exactly what I needed after having a rough week. Their wedding day reminded me why I do what I do. I LOVE my couples! They become my friends! I cry and laugh with them! 

Becca and Tom Wedding 2-183-2(Thanks to my amazing second shooter Ashley Link for the picture!)

I am so thankful for my clients. I’m thankful for the relationships that I form with them. I’m thankful for their gratitude and kind words. I’m thankful for all of their hard work and amazing wedding days that they invite me to be a part of.

So to all of my clients… past, present, and future… THANK YOU!

(More from Becca and Tom’s amazing wedding will be on the blog next week… And it’s a good one!!!!)




Kaimbrie | One Year

Kaimbrie One Year-97I can’t believe it. This little girl is ONE! I’ve been taking pictures of Kaimbrie since she was in her mother’s belly. It’s been an honor to see her grow from an infant into such a sweet little girl! Here are a few of my favorites from our session!

Kaimbrie One Year-12Kaimbrie One Year-19Kaimbrie One Year-31Kaimbrie One Year-33Kaimbrie One Year-43Kaimbrie One Year-65Kaimbrie One Year-72Kaimbrie One Year-87Kaimbrie One Year-101Kaimbrie One Year-111Kaimbrie One Year-144Kaimbrie One Year-182Kaimbrie One Year-300Kaimbrie One Year-314Kaimbrie One Year-318Kaimbrie One Year-326Kaimbrie One Year-339Kaimbrie One Year-349Kaimbrie One Year-381Kaimbrie One Year-377Kaimbrie One Year-395Kaimbrie One Year-387Kaimbrie One Year-401Kaimbrie One Year-419Kaimbrie One Year-452Kaimbrie One Year-458Kaimbrie One Year-482Kaimbrie One Year-502Kaimbrie One Year-528Kaimbrie One Year-534Kaimbrie One Year-545Kaimbrie One Year-565Kaimbrie One Year-590Kaimbrie One Year-586Kaimbrie One Year-616Kaimbrie One Year-672Kaimbrie One Year-709Kaimbrie One Year-749Kaimbrie One Year-783Kaimbrie One Year-795Kaimbrie One Year-812Kaimbrie One Year-836

And then…. there was cake.

Kaimbrie One Year-858 Kaimbrie One Year-863Kaimbrie One Year-903Kaimbrie One Year-909Kaimbrie One Year-959Kaimbrie One Year-983Happy Birthday sweet Kaimbrie!