Nicholson Family | Expecting

Tara Maternity-40This session holds such a special place in my heart. Tara is such a good friend and it has been so amazing being able to watch her sweet family grow. In just weeks (if not sooner) this family will welcome a second little boy into their family!!!

I always choose my favorite picture as the first image in a blog post, and you might notice something different about this image. It’s a little chaotic. No one is looking at the camera. Chandler is off playing in the leaves and his parents attention is on him. But I ADORE this image! It’s not posed. It’s natural. Tara and Zac have an energetic little boy and he keeps them so busy! I was so blessed to have done Tara’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with Chandler. It’s amazing how different things were this time! Chandler wasn’t really interested in having his pictures taken. I mean, what little boy has the time to sit and smile for the camera?  

The title of this post says it all! Instead of just Tara and Zac expecting this time, the whole family is expecting! I’m so excited to meet him and I know they are too! 

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Rebecca + Ryan | Expecting

2014-03-03_0026I’m so excited to share this session with you! Rebecca and Ryan are expecting their first baby this month, and I can tell they are both going to be amazing parents! We met up on the JMU campus for their session… in the SNOW! These two did such an amazing job in the cold weather. Rebecca and I work together and I am so very eager to meet their precious little girl… Ellie! Congratulations Rebecca and Ryan!2014-03-03_00272014-03-03_00292014-03-03_00302014-03-03_00312014-03-03_00322014-03-03_00332014-03-03_00342014-03-03_00352014-03-03_00362014-03-03_00372014-03-03_00382014-03-03_00392014-03-03_00402014-03-03_00422014-03-03_00432014-03-03_00442014-03-03_00452014-03-03_00462014-03-03_00472014-03-03_0049

Noelle + Jason | Expecting

Noelle and Jason Expecting-34This past weekend I met up with Noelle and Jason who are expecting their first baby very soon! The day of their session it rained ALL DAY LONG… at the last minute we decided to go for it and I’m so glad we did! Noelle and I went to school together and the last time we did pictures together she had just found out she was pregnant. It’s so exciting seeing these two with just days left until they meet their baby girl. I wish them the best of luck!

Noelle and Jason Expecting-1Noelle and Jason Expecting-16Noelle and Jason Expecting-31-2Noelle and Jason Expecting-43Noelle and Jason Expecting-59Noelle and Jason Expecting-47Noelle and Jason Expecting-66Noelle and Jason Expecting-76Noelle and Jason Expecting-100Noelle and Jason Expecting-111Noelle and Jason Expecting-119Noelle and Jason Expecting-151Noelle and Jason Expecting-173Noelle and Jason Expecting-189Noelle and Jason Expecting-214Noelle and Jason Expecting-219Noelle and Jason Expecting-229Noelle and Jason Expecting-223Noelle and Jason Expecting-253Noelle and Jason Expecting-272Noelle and Jason Expecting-277Noelle and Jason Expecting-289Noelle and Jason Expecting-303Noelle and Jason Expecting-325Noelle and Jason Expecting-335Noelle and Jason Expecting-356-2Noelle and Jason Expecting-345Noelle and Jason Expecting-348

Laura + Brent | Expecting

Laura and Brent are an adorable couple expecting their first baby on… well… the day of this session! That’s right, I met up with them for their maternity mini session on Saturday which was their due date! We booked the session and then everyone just kind of crossed their fingers. By the way… doesn’t Laura look good, I mean INCREDIBLE for 40 weeks pregnant? They are hoping to welcome their little boy or girl any time now. Wishing you guys the best!

Emily + Vincent | Expecting

What can I say about this session… it was AMAZING! I must admit, I loved all the pictures so much, it was incredibly hard to decide which ones to use in this post, so there are plenty for you to enjoy! I met up with Emily and Vincent at the farm where Emily teaches horseback riding lessons. Emily is actually due any day now and wins the award for bravest pregnant women of the year. She climbed up on hay, a tractor, and most impressively a horse for these pictures! I had so much fun with these two (and their dog) and am wishing them the best for their delivery!

Christie + Lowell | Expecting

I always love it when I get messages from old friends asking me to do pictures for them! Christie and I go way back so when she asked me to do her maternity session I was thrilled! I met her and her husband Lowell at the cabin where they got married. The arbor in the picture was built by Lowell himself and is the same one they were married under… so sweet! I’m very excited to meet TJ (or as they call him peapod) when we get together for his newborn pictures!

Brandy + Greg | Expecting

Brandy and Greg are an amazing couple. When they found out they were expecting, it seemed like much more than a miracle to them. They had tried for a long time to get pregnant with no success. Those of us who can easily have babies can only imagine how that might feel. After rounds of infertility treatments they had finally just decided that it wasn’t meant to be… until the day their lives changed. Greg came home from work and there were SEVERAL pregnancy tests laying on the counter all with a positive result! Just when they least expected it, they were blessed with a pregnancy, and now at 37 weeks it’s almost time to meet their sweet little miracle baby girl! I am so happy for them and excited to meet their little one!

Tara + Zac | Expecting

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.” -Unknown

This post is very special to me. Tara and I became friends when we started working at the same OB/GYN office. We interact with pregnant women every day. We see people experience some of the happiest times of their lives, and unfortunately at the same time experience some sad times as well. Tara is an amazing nurse and I’m very lucky to work with her. It has been such a blessing to witness this person who spends so much of her time and energy taking care of other expectant moms experience it for herself! Tara and her husband Zac are expecting their first baby (a boy who’s name will remain a secret until he takes his first breath) due to arrive in July. They are such a sweet couple and I can already tell that they will be outstanding parents!

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