Brielle | Two Years

Brielle 2nd Birthday-332I never get tired of photographing this girl! Brielle is so special to me. Her mom is such a good friend of mine and I always jump for joy when she says it’s time for another session! I just can’t believe she has celebrated her second birthday! 

Brielle 2nd Birthday-15Brielle 2nd Birthday-34Brielle 2nd Birthday-48Brielle 2nd Birthday-64Brielle 2nd Birthday-88Brielle 2nd Birthday-92Brielle 2nd Birthday-99Brielle 2nd Birthday-102Brielle 2nd Birthday-106Brielle 2nd Birthday-119Brielle 2nd Birthday-150Brielle 2nd Birthday-135Brielle 2nd Birthday-144Brielle 2nd Birthday-168Brielle 2nd Birthday-151Brielle 2nd Birthday-172Brielle 2nd Birthday-192Brielle 2nd Birthday-179Brielle 2nd Birthday-193Brielle 2nd Birthday-214Brielle 2nd Birthday-197Brielle 2nd Birthday-204Brielle 2nd Birthday-207Brielle 2nd Birthday-222Brielle 2nd Birthday-245Brielle 2nd Birthday-302Brielle 2nd Birthday-250Brielle 2nd Birthday-255Brielle 2nd Birthday-363Brielle 2nd Birthday-321Brielle 2nd Birthday-350Brielle 2nd Birthday-333

Kaimbrie | One Year

Kaimbrie One Year-97I can’t believe it. This little girl is ONE! I’ve been taking pictures of Kaimbrie since she was in her mother’s belly. It’s been an honor to see her grow from an infant into such a sweet little girl! Here are a few of my favorites from our session!

Kaimbrie One Year-12Kaimbrie One Year-19Kaimbrie One Year-31Kaimbrie One Year-33Kaimbrie One Year-43Kaimbrie One Year-65Kaimbrie One Year-72Kaimbrie One Year-87Kaimbrie One Year-101Kaimbrie One Year-111Kaimbrie One Year-144Kaimbrie One Year-182Kaimbrie One Year-300Kaimbrie One Year-314Kaimbrie One Year-318Kaimbrie One Year-326Kaimbrie One Year-339Kaimbrie One Year-349Kaimbrie One Year-381Kaimbrie One Year-377Kaimbrie One Year-395Kaimbrie One Year-387Kaimbrie One Year-401Kaimbrie One Year-419Kaimbrie One Year-452Kaimbrie One Year-458Kaimbrie One Year-482Kaimbrie One Year-502Kaimbrie One Year-528Kaimbrie One Year-534Kaimbrie One Year-545Kaimbrie One Year-565Kaimbrie One Year-590Kaimbrie One Year-586Kaimbrie One Year-616Kaimbrie One Year-672Kaimbrie One Year-709Kaimbrie One Year-749Kaimbrie One Year-783Kaimbrie One Year-795Kaimbrie One Year-812Kaimbrie One Year-836

And then…. there was cake.

Kaimbrie One Year-858 Kaimbrie One Year-863Kaimbrie One Year-903Kaimbrie One Year-909Kaimbrie One Year-959Kaimbrie One Year-983Happy Birthday sweet Kaimbrie!

Asher | Newborn

2014-04-14_0001Meet Asher. He is the sweetest little guy! I was so happy to finally be able to meet him last weekend. It’s always so special to me when I get to see a family I’ve gotten to know through photography grow! If you recognize Asher’s family it’s because they have been on my blog before! Asher’s sweet brother Silas is almost two now, which I just can’t believe! He is a great big brother! I love this family and feel so blessed to be able to be there for these special moments!

2014-04-14_00022014-04-14_00032014-04-14_00052014-04-14_00062014-04-14_00072014-04-14_0008Sweet brothers!


2014-04-14_0024We headed to downtown Staunton to take some birthday pictures for Silas!

2014-04-14_00252014-04-14_00262014-04-14_00272014-04-14_00282014-04-14_00292014-04-14_0030Family hug!

2014-04-14_00322014-04-14_00312014-04-14_0033Congratulations on your new addition Cantwell family and Happy Birthday Silas!!!

Brielle | One Year

Brielle One Year-34I can’t believe I’m writing this post already! Brielle is one! I have had the pleasure of capturing this gorgeous sweetheart since she was in her mommy’s belly and she has officially been here for a whole year! I love Brielle’s personality. She is bright, spunky, funny, and totally sweet! She always has me laughing during our sessions! 

Brielle One Year-61Brielle One Year-60Brielle One Year-65Brielle One Year-82Brielle One Year-84Brielle One Year-91Brielle One Year-99Brielle One Year-120Brielle One Year-137Brielle One Year-130Brielle One Year-133Brielle One Year-170Brielle One Year-180Brielle One Year-198Brielle One Year-210Brielle One Year-208Brielle One Year-226

Next we went inside so Brielle could smash her cake! 

Brielle One Year-248Brielle One Year-246Brielle One Year-267Brielle One Year-266Brielle One Year-269Brielle One Year-319Brielle One Year-403Brielle One Year-316

Happy Birthday Brielle!!!


T.J. | One Year

TJ First Birthday-3I can’t believe that this little guy is one year old! It doesn’t seem like that long ago when I was doing his newborn session. Hasn’t he turned into such a sweet and handsome little man? It was so much fun hanging out with T.J. and watching him smash his cake. We were also joined by T.J.’s cousin Aydon who’s first birthday was just a couple of weeks before! Hope you enjoy these cuties as much as I did!

TJ First Birthday-19TJ First Birthday-23TJ First Birthday-26TJ First Birthday-57TJ First Birthday-44TJ First Birthday-75TJ First Birthday-83TJ First Birthday-102TJ First Birthday-108TJ First Birthday-114TJ First Birthday-142TJ First Birthday-179TJ First Birthday-201TJ First Birthday-230TJ First Birthday-244TJ First Birthday-264TJ First Birthday-271TJ First Birthday-293


Meet Aydon!

TJ First Birthday-310TJ First Birthday-317TJ First Birthday-336TJ First Birthday-328TJ First Birthday-343TJ First Birthday-364TJ First Birthday-397TJ First Birthday-438TJ First Birthday-440TJ First Birthday-441TJ First Birthday-444TJ First Birthday-452TJ First Birthday-454TJ First Birthday-484TJ First Birthday-477TJ First Birthday-492TJ First Birthday-498TJ First Birthday-502TJ First Birthday-526TJ First Birthday-529TJ First Birthday-557TJ First Birthday-580

The Lawson Family

Lawson Family-12I am so excited and honored to share this family on my blog. Mandy and I have been friends since middle school… and not just friends… BEST friends. That’s right folks this chick is my BFF. You know those friends who know just about everything about you? Those friends that can pick up where you left off even after months or years apart? Those friends who just make everything better… that’s her! Mandy, John, and their sweet little boy Paul are such a special part of our lives. We cherish every opportunity we get to spend time with them!

Lawson Family-3Lawson Family-5Lawson Family-27Lawson Family-24Lawson Family-45Lawson Family-51Lawson Family-63Lawson Family-80Lawson Family-90Lawson Family-111Lawson Family-128Lawson Family-124Lawson Family-147Lawson Family-171Lawson Family-172Lawson Family-181Lawson Family-239Lawson Family-275Lawson Family-293Lawson Family-299Lawson Family-313Lawson Family-325Lawson Family-333Lawson Family-336Lawson Family-345Lawson Family-377Lawson Family-382Lawson Family-398Lawson Family-413Lawson Family-432Lawson Family-426Lawson Family-439

Brielle | 9 Months

Brielle 9 Months-31If you visit my blog frequently you probably recognize Brielle. This cutie’s mother just happens to be one of my best friends and and I’m so thrilled that she not only asked me to do her maternity pictures, but also asked me to do pictures for Brielle every 3 months for the first year of her life. It has been so amazing getting to see this girl and her family grow in front of my lens! Love you guys!

Brielle 9 Months-18Brielle 9 Months-27Brielle 9 Months-35Brielle 9 Months-50Brielle 9 Months-38Brielle 9 Months-97Brielle 9 Months-93Brielle 9 Months-100Brielle 9 Months-101Brielle 9 Months-120Brielle 9 Months-140Brielle 9 Months-159Brielle 9 Months-170Brielle 9 Months-168Brielle 9 Months-187Brielle 9 Months-207Brielle 9 Months-211Brielle 9 Months-254Brielle 9 Months-222Brielle 9 Months-258Brielle 9 Months-294Brielle 9 Months-301Brielle 9 Months-313Brielle 9 Months-326Brielle 9 Months-340Brielle 9 Months-330Brielle 9 Months-338Brielle 9 Months-360Brielle 9 Months-378Brielle 9 Months-409Brielle 9 Months-417Brielle 9 Months-473Brielle 9 Months-493Brielle 9 Months-516Brielle 9 Months-528Brielle 9 Months-555Brielle 9 Months-589Brielle 9 Months-564

Life | Ava is 3!

I FINALLY have Ava’s birthday session to share with you! It’s been delayed because she was sick on her actual birthday. I know… it was totally sad:( But, she’s better now and back to her usual self! 

I really just can’t believe that Ava is 3. She has definitely developed quite a little personality. She, like most 3 year olds, is really into saying “no” and wants things to go her way. She can be goofing off one minute, and then totally serious about something the next. She keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing all day even when she’s in trouble… because really… those are some of the funniest times! She is absolutely gorgeous. She has big brown eyes and soft golden hair. To sum it up… we are just in LOVE with this girl!

We had a quick ten minute session in our foyer this morning. And when I say quick I mean quick, because 3 year olds don’t have the time to sit still for pictures. I MAY have bribed her with girl scout cookies:)

Ava is 3-61Ava is 3-80Ava is 3-88Ava is 3-104Ava is 3-96Ava is 3-102Ava is 3-112Ava is 3-113Ava is 3-115Ava is 3-123Ava is 3-140Ava is 3-143Ava is 3-167Ava is 3-172Ava is 3-178Ava is 3-174