Nicholson Family | Expecting

Tara Maternity-40This session holds such a special place in my heart. Tara is such a good friend and it has been so amazing being able to watch her sweet family grow. In just weeks (if not sooner) this family will welcome a second little boy into their family!!!

I always choose my favorite picture as the first image in a blog post, and you might notice something different about this image. It’s a little chaotic. No one is looking at the camera. Chandler is off playing in the leaves and his parents attention is on him. But I ADORE this image! It’s not posed. It’s natural. Tara and Zac have an energetic little boy and he keeps them so busy! I was so blessed to have done Tara’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with Chandler. It’s amazing how different things were this time! Chandler wasn’t really interested in having his pictures taken. I mean, what little boy has the time to sit and smile for the camera?  

The title of this post says it all! Instead of just Tara and Zac expecting this time, the whole family is expecting! I’m so excited to meet him and I know they are too! 

Tara Maternity-30Tara Maternity-34Tara Maternity-55Tara Maternity-66Tara Maternity-71Tara Maternity-90Tara Maternity-115Tara Maternity-84Tara Maternity-126Tara Maternity-119Tara Maternity-145Tara Maternity-163Tara Maternity-151Love!!!Tara Maternity-165Tara Maternity-203Tara Maternity-292Tara Maternity-262Tara Maternity-299Tara Maternity-319Tara Maternity-353Tara Maternity-356Tara Maternity-371Tara Maternity-396Tara Maternity-405Tara Maternity-412Tara Maternity-419Tara Maternity-437Tara Maternity-455


Brielle | Two Years

Brielle 2nd Birthday-332I never get tired of photographing this girl! Brielle is so special to me. Her mom is such a good friend of mine and I always jump for joy when she says it’s time for another session! I just can’t believe she has celebrated her second birthday! 

Brielle 2nd Birthday-15Brielle 2nd Birthday-34Brielle 2nd Birthday-48Brielle 2nd Birthday-64Brielle 2nd Birthday-88Brielle 2nd Birthday-92Brielle 2nd Birthday-99Brielle 2nd Birthday-102Brielle 2nd Birthday-106Brielle 2nd Birthday-119Brielle 2nd Birthday-150Brielle 2nd Birthday-135Brielle 2nd Birthday-144Brielle 2nd Birthday-168Brielle 2nd Birthday-151Brielle 2nd Birthday-172Brielle 2nd Birthday-192Brielle 2nd Birthday-179Brielle 2nd Birthday-193Brielle 2nd Birthday-214Brielle 2nd Birthday-197Brielle 2nd Birthday-204Brielle 2nd Birthday-207Brielle 2nd Birthday-222Brielle 2nd Birthday-245Brielle 2nd Birthday-302Brielle 2nd Birthday-250Brielle 2nd Birthday-255Brielle 2nd Birthday-363Brielle 2nd Birthday-321Brielle 2nd Birthday-350Brielle 2nd Birthday-333

Danielle + Garrett | Family

Danielle and Garrett-96On Saturday I had the opportunity to have a quick session with Danielle and Garrett. Being around them is so heart warming. They have a very special relationship and so much love for each other! I loved all of the sweet and silly moments from their session! I haven’t seen Garrett since he was a baby. I could not believe what a little gentleman he has become! He treats his mom like a princess… as he should ;) 

Danielle and Garrett-4Danielle and Garrett-8Danielle and Garrett-13Danielle and Garrett-34Danielle and Garrett-37Danielle and Garrett-48Danielle and Garrett-51Danielle and Garrett-66Danielle and Garrett-71Danielle and Garrett-75Danielle and Garrett-82Danielle and Garrett-77Danielle and Garrett-90Danielle and Garrett-104Danielle and Garrett-100Danielle and Garrett-110Danielle and Garrett-118Danielle and Garrett-126Danielle and Garrett-132


Seriously… so handsome!

Danielle and Garrett-191Danielle and Garrett-204Danielle and Garrett-185Danielle and Garrett-157Danielle and Garrett-170Danielle and Garrett-148Danielle and Garrett-165

Asher | Newborn

2014-04-14_0001Meet Asher. He is the sweetest little guy! I was so happy to finally be able to meet him last weekend. It’s always so special to me when I get to see a family I’ve gotten to know through photography grow! If you recognize Asher’s family it’s because they have been on my blog before! Asher’s sweet brother Silas is almost two now, which I just can’t believe! He is a great big brother! I love this family and feel so blessed to be able to be there for these special moments!

2014-04-14_00022014-04-14_00032014-04-14_00052014-04-14_00062014-04-14_00072014-04-14_0008Sweet brothers!


2014-04-14_0024We headed to downtown Staunton to take some birthday pictures for Silas!

2014-04-14_00252014-04-14_00262014-04-14_00272014-04-14_00282014-04-14_00292014-04-14_0030Family hug!

2014-04-14_00322014-04-14_00312014-04-14_0033Congratulations on your new addition Cantwell family and Happy Birthday Silas!!!

The Skaflen Family

Skaflen Family-11I met up with the Skaflen family last week on the JMU campus for their family session and fell in love! They had me laughing the whole time! These kids are amazing. They are bright, loving, and full of personality. I loved all of the silly moments and laughter from their session! 

Skaflen Family-33Skaflen Family-47Skaflen Family-22Skaflen Family-118Skaflen Family-168Skaflen Family-180Skaflen Family-190Skaflen Family-205Skaflen Family-214Skaflen Family-235Skaflen Family-255Skaflen Family-306Skaflen Family-326Skaflen Family-344Skaflen Family-377Skaflen Family-413Skaflen Family-526Skaflen Family-504

The Lawson Family

Lawson Family-12I am so excited and honored to share this family on my blog. Mandy and I have been friends since middle school… and not just friends… BEST friends. That’s right folks this chick is my BFF. You know those friends who know just about everything about you? Those friends that can pick up where you left off even after months or years apart? Those friends who just make everything better… that’s her! Mandy, John, and their sweet little boy Paul are such a special part of our lives. We cherish every opportunity we get to spend time with them!

Lawson Family-3Lawson Family-5Lawson Family-27Lawson Family-24Lawson Family-45Lawson Family-51Lawson Family-63Lawson Family-80Lawson Family-90Lawson Family-111Lawson Family-128Lawson Family-124Lawson Family-147Lawson Family-171Lawson Family-172Lawson Family-181Lawson Family-239Lawson Family-275Lawson Family-293Lawson Family-299Lawson Family-313Lawson Family-325Lawson Family-333Lawson Family-336Lawson Family-345Lawson Family-377Lawson Family-382Lawson Family-398Lawson Family-413Lawson Family-432Lawson Family-426Lawson Family-439

Brielle | 9 Months

Brielle 9 Months-31If you visit my blog frequently you probably recognize Brielle. This cutie’s mother just happens to be one of my best friends and and I’m so thrilled that she not only asked me to do her maternity pictures, but also asked me to do pictures for Brielle every 3 months for the first year of her life. It has been so amazing getting to see this girl and her family grow in front of my lens! Love you guys!

Brielle 9 Months-18Brielle 9 Months-27Brielle 9 Months-35Brielle 9 Months-50Brielle 9 Months-38Brielle 9 Months-97Brielle 9 Months-93Brielle 9 Months-100Brielle 9 Months-101Brielle 9 Months-120Brielle 9 Months-140Brielle 9 Months-159Brielle 9 Months-170Brielle 9 Months-168Brielle 9 Months-187Brielle 9 Months-207Brielle 9 Months-211Brielle 9 Months-254Brielle 9 Months-222Brielle 9 Months-258Brielle 9 Months-294Brielle 9 Months-301Brielle 9 Months-313Brielle 9 Months-326Brielle 9 Months-340Brielle 9 Months-330Brielle 9 Months-338Brielle 9 Months-360Brielle 9 Months-378Brielle 9 Months-409Brielle 9 Months-417Brielle 9 Months-473Brielle 9 Months-493Brielle 9 Months-516Brielle 9 Months-528Brielle 9 Months-555Brielle 9 Months-589Brielle 9 Months-564

Anna | Newborn

Watson Family-55When I get to meet a newborn it brings me so much joy to see how one baby has changed the lives of the people around her. After entering the Watson’s home last weekend I immediately felt how special this little girl is. Ohhhh Anna. She is just so sweet and adorable. I could take pictures of her all day! I had so much fun with her along with her parents and “big brother” (a black lab named LUCKY). 

Watson Family-36Watson Family-42Watson Family-2Watson Family-43Watson Family-10Watson Family-14Watson Family-126Watson Family-150Watson Family-140Watson Family-142Watson Family-159Watson Family-205Watson Family-206Watson Family-216Watson Family-219Watson Family-227Watson Family-231Watson Family-289Watson Family-302Watson Family-323Watson Family-295Watson Family-331Watson Family-351Watson Family-355Watson Family-367Watson Family-378Watson Family-388Watson Family-400Watson Family-414Watson Family-425Watson Family-439Watson Family-489Watson Family-502Watson Family-461Watson Family-467Watson Family-544Watson Family-555Watson Family-567


Catherine | 6 months

Latchum Family-107Oh my gracious… this is a seriously cute baby guys! Catherine is 6 months old and was so sweet for her session with me. I met her and her amazingly kind family at their cute little farm house in Dayton the day before Mother’s Day. It didn’t take long for me find out that little Catherine is so loved! I had so much fun meeting her and hope you enjoy this session!

Latchum Family-23Latchum Family-28Latchum Family-50Latchum Family-55Latchum Family-61Latchum Family-73Latchum Family-88Latchum Family-94Latchum Family-97Latchum Family-108Latchum Family-106Latchum Family-111Latchum Family-119Latchum Family-133Latchum Family-140Latchum Family-143Latchum Family-159Latchum Family-169Latchum Family-179Latchum Family-184Latchum Family-6Latchum Family-296Latchum Family-5Latchum Family-339Latchum Family-244Latchum Family-246Latchum Family-250Latchum Family-259Latchum Family-262Latchum Family-265Latchum Family-273Latchum Family-286