2014 Behind The Scenes

2015-01-06_0010Ah! Guys, it feels like I’ve been gone from the blog forever! I promise I am still here! Things have been so busy for me lately and it’s been refreshing to take a little break. In November we finally moved into our new house (post on that soon to come!) and then the holidays happened… complete with me being sick with the flu! That was worst! 

This is such a fun post to do. 2014 was a fabulous year for Erin Forehand Photography and I wanted to share a little bit of me working behind the scenes! My second shooters always end up getting me in some of their shots. I had the privilege of having some really awesome girls help me out this year. These pictures were all taken by them! (Sarah, Casey, Kendall, Ashley and Alicia… you guys are the best!)

As for 2015… well things are going to be a little different. I have been taking this down time to really think about how I can not only improve my business this year, but also how I can improve the experience for my clients! I am excited about what’s ahead and eager to share more with you guys!

I tend to stand in windows… 2015-01-06_0001Wow…. the hair frizz

2015-01-06_0002So so frizzy!

2015-01-06_0014Giving direction… Tom is really learning something here :)

2015-01-06_0013Creeping on this bouquet…

2015-01-06_0003Loved this wedding!

2015-01-06_0004Guys… get closer… really :)

2015-01-06_0005Bridal party time always leads to laughs!

2015-01-06_00062015-01-06_0007In the window… again

2015-01-06_0008 Let me introduce you to my wedding day footless tights… We are BFFs 

2015-01-06_0009I’ve become pretty good at bout pinning :)

2015-01-06_0012Love these two!!!


Thank you to all of my 2014 couples and second shooters!!!

Products | New Sample Album

2014-03-31_0001When I first started photographing weddings, I didn’t really offer albums. I had a company I sort of liked so I had an album made and I just wasn’t truly happy with it. Last year I decided I needed to get my act together and really offer my clients something more. Something I was happy with as the photographer. Something I could be truly proud of and excited to show my clients!!! I had several friends who had used Madera and were very happy with them, so I decided to give them a try and let me tell you… I’m so happy I did!  

With digital photography so popular most people end up with their wedding pictures on a disc, flash drive, or just sitting on their computer. Beautiful images deserve so much more than that! You as a couple work SO HARD on your wedding day, and your photographer works SO HARD to give you an amazing experience and gorgeous images! They should be on display for everyone to see! I think that a beautiful, high quality album is an amazing way to do that!

I chose to showcase Liz and Clarke‘s amazing wedding in my new sample album! All albums come in these incredible leather cases!

2014-03-31_00022014-03-31_00032014-03-31_00042014-03-31_0005One of my favorite touches is that I can have my logo embossed on the front inside cover of the album!

2014-03-31_00062014-03-31_00072014-03-31_00092014-03-31_00102014-03-31_00112014-03-31_00122014-03-31_0013My favorite first look ever!


These pages are so thick and durable… love it!


Packaging | New Flash Drives!

New Flashdrives-56Hi friends! So this is the time of year where things are slowing down and I can actually take the time to blog about some behind the scenes stuff! I know the title says NEW flash drives but I’ve actually been sending out these puppies since the end of the summer! I ordered these custom flash drives from Flashbay and I LOVE them! I decided I needed to update some of my packaging and I knew that I wanted to offer flash drives to my wedding clients for several reasons. First, one flash drive is better than several discs. It takes up less space and limits the amount of things you need to keep track of. Second, they are starting to make computers without disc drives! Crazy right? I still deliver CDs to my portrait clients but in the future I will most likely get some smaller flash drives for them as well! Lastly, there are now many photographers who have decided to only deliver images via online galleries. That’s totally fine if that works for them, but I personally feel like it is still so important to deliver a finished product to the client and I think a flash drive is such an easy way to do that!

It took me awhile to really piece my packaging together. I struggled with pairing functionality with what I wanted for my brand! I had to ask myself what I wanted my client to open and how I wanted it to make them feel. I wanted it to be personal and exciting for them. At the same time I wanted it to be beautiful and simple. 

I started with a custom rubber stamp. Jeanne from Twin Soul Art rocked out an amazing stamp for me! She did an amazing job! I love it because it’s so versatile. I can stamp just about anything with this!

New Flashdrives-20These adorable little muslin bags are from Besotted Brand. My flash drives fit perfectly in them!

New Flashdrives-12New Flashdrives-56New Flashdrives-28One of my favorite touches on my new packaging are these custom tags from Tiny Farm Studio. I looked all over for tags. Most of the ones I found said things like “Thank You” and “Yay!” which are all nice, but I wanted something that described what was actually in the package. I had them made with the phrase “Your Story” on them because I felt like that’s what I was delivering. The STORY of my client’s wedding day! I’m not just delivering some wedding photos. I’m delivering their day start to finish. Every tear, every emotion, every detail they worked so hard on!

New Flashdrives-58New Flashdrives-63New Flashdrives-76New Flashdrives-92New Flashdrives-104I hope you love my new packaging as much as I do! :)

Coaching Reunion

Coaching Reunion-11On Monday I had the pleasure of traveling to Richmond to have dinner with a group of incredible photographers who I’m happy to call friends. Katelyn, Michael, and their sweet dog Bokeh graciously opened up their new home and hosted a dinner to reunite all of the photographers that had attended one of Katelyn’s coaching sessions in the past. It was so amazing spending time with photographer friends old and new!!!

The first week of February I sat in Katelyn’s office and talked to her about my business. We discussed my goals and the things that would be necessary to make them happen. In my mind I knew everything that needed to happen, but to have someone like Katelyn help me organize my thoughts and give me the support and inspiration that I had never gotten from another photographer was eye opening for me. I’m encouraged and grateful for all Katelyn has done for my business. She is generous and inspiring. 

At the reunion… sitting with all of those photographers… you could just tell that each and every person had been touched by their coaching session. People shared stories and accomplishments. Some people even cried. It was truly a wonderful night.

After an amazing dinner and group time we headed outside to do some portraits of another amazing photographer and friend Lauryn (who is yet another incredible person who has supported me and my business)! Couldn’t have picked a better model! The flowers were gorgeous and her dress was AMAZING!!! 

Coaching Reunion-44Coaching Reunion-37Coaching Reunion-57Coaching Reunion-67Coaching Reunion-100Coaching Reunion-84Coaching Reunion-118Coaching Reunion-128Coaching Reunion-143Coaching Reunion-155Coaching Reunion-173Coaching Reunion-169

Behind the scenes…

Coaching Reunion-1Coaching Reunion-15Coaching Reunion-23Coaching Reunion-27Coaching Reunion-106Coaching Reunion-112Coaching Reunion-147



And the winners are…

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in my first every giveaway! It was so exciting! I appreciate everyone’s love and support. This morning two winners were picked randomly and the winners are…

For the earrings and gift card to The Lady Jane: Rebekah Charles!

For the free portrait session: Ginger Emswiler!

Thanks again guys! That was so much fun I just might have to do it again sometime!:)

It’s A Giveaway!

Words can’t express how excited I am about my new website and rebranding! In fact, I am SO excited that I am in a giving mood! To express my gratitude to my followers and friends I am having my first ever giveaway. 

So… what can you win?

The first prize is a pair of adorable crystal earrings from my favorite local vintage shop, The Lady Jane! These earrings are so cute and man do they sparkle! They come in a little floral jewelry bag AND with a $10 gift card to the store. That’ll give you an excuse to go in the store yourself and experience all it’s vintage loveliness.

Giveaway-14Giveaway-57Giveaway-31Love them, don’t you???

The second prize is a FREE portrait session! That’s right… up to 2 hours of shooting time at the location of your choice along with all of your edited images delivered right to your front door. 

Cantwell Family-329 Cantwell Family-350Cantwell Family-271How do you enter to win? It’s VERY simple….

1. Go on over to my Facebook Page and “Like” it. Already like my page? No worries, you can skip this part!

2. Share a link to this post on your Facebook Page to spread the love.

3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me what you think of my new blog!

There will be two winners, one for each prize. You have until the end of the day on Friday, February 1st to enter!!! The winners will be announced the following day. Get to it peeps!

The New Erin Forehand Photography!

The time has finally come… my new website is here! I have spent the past year putting together a collection of things I love and trying to figure out how to mold them into a brand that represents me. What was the best way of doing this you ask? Everyone’s favorite… Pinterest. I simply started by making a board just for my new branding and went to town pinning everything I loved. This included everything from furniture to clothing to fonts to colors! It really was a very helpful way to narrow down my style.

The past year has been incredible for me! I have grown so much as a photographer. The love I have received from clients and fellow photographers has meant so much to me. To everyone who has had a part in my business this past year… whether you showed support by being a client who trusted me with your memories, or family or friends who donated your time and positive thoughts… THANK YOU… from the bottom of my heart!

So please come on in, take a look around, and leave me some love! Here is some of my new packaging too!

Blessings of 2012

Hello friends! I hope you all have had an amazing holiday season with your loved ones. I know for me it has been so nice to take a little break from the photography world and spend some much needed time with my family. As the hustle of Christmas is winding down and we approach the new year, it’s so important to look back on the current year and mark the things you are most thankful for! It’s common to see posts about resolutions for the future, but I thought I’d back things up and count my blessings first. I know I forget to do this frequently. So, I wanted to share a few things that are filling my heart as we start 2013.

My family. This is by far my most cherished blessing. I am married to an amazing man. He supports me in everything I do. He has also blessed me by being an incredible father. We have two loving little girls with huge hearts and vibrant personalities.

My business. The past year has been such a learning experience and my business has grown beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for amazing clients, the support of my family and friends, and the support and friendship from fellow photographers. And yes, my new logo and website will be here soon as promised! There will be new and exciting things happening in 2013!

My “real” job. As most of you know, photography is not all I do. I am a nurse at an OB/GYN office. I am called every day to care for women and doing so makes me a stronger, more compassionate person. I work with an incredible group of women who are hard workers and good friends.

God. There is nothing like starting a new business to challenge your faith. He is my strength. I start and end every day with prayer. I am in awe of what God has provided for me and my family this year!

Here’s to many blessings to you and your families this upcoming year… just remember to count them:)

I’ll leave you with a peek of a wedding I shot with my friend Karen last month. This adorable couple will be coming to the blog soon!



A Feature, Some Sneak Peeks, and What’s Coming!

What have I been up to lately? Well, I have been a very busy lady to say the least. The most exciting thing I’ve been up to is rebranding my business. I’ve spent the last year collecting little tidbits of design that I think represent myself as a photographer. It’s been incredibly fun, but I must admit… I am so impatient about it! I am on the edge of my seat just ready to show everyone my new website and logo! Ahhhh… but until then, I have some things to distract me. Like the fact that it’s my favorite season. Today, the leaves are the perfect color, I’ve had chili in the crock-pot all day, and tonight we are carving pumpkins! Good times. Good times.

My new site will be up soon, but in the meantime here’s what I’ve been up to.

A gorgeous Richmond wedding that I second shot with my pal Lauryn

A sweet fall engagement session at Montpelier

And little Mr. Chandler’s One Month Session was featured on The Wise Baby!

Wedding Albums

I received this sweet little album just the other day for Angela and Travis and I wanted to share it with you! I love these albums and all of the options there are to choose from like end paper and cover treatments… just another way to make your wedding fit your personality as a couple!