Woodland Romance | Styled Shoot

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A special thank you to my amazing friend and stylist Sara. Your vision and talent is the heart of this shoot!

Stylist ~ Sara Christensen, The Lady Jane

Flowers ~ Abby Long, Blakemore’s Flowers

Venue ~ Spring Creek Roller Mills

Dresses ~ Erin Coleman, Truly Bridal

Calligraphy and Paper ~ Laura Lavender Calligraphy & Illustration

Model ~ Farren Francis

Styled Shoot | The Peppermint Pretty

Peppermint Pretty-134I was absolutely thrilled when Erin Coleman, the amazing dress designer and owner of Peppermint Pretty asked me to do a shoot for some of her new designs! I adore her dresses! One of my favorite parts of my job is when I get the chance to be creative and style something totally different and fun! I could NOT have done this shoot without my friend Sara from The Lady Jane. Her styling abilities are just incredible! A huge thank you to everyone who made this day as amazing as I had hoped!Peppermint Pretty-5Peppermint Pretty-1Peppermint Pretty-10Peppermint Pretty-17Peppermint Pretty-21Peppermint Pretty-22Peppermint Pretty-24Peppermint Pretty-28Peppermint Pretty-26Peppermint Pretty-38Peppermint Pretty-42Peppermint Pretty-50Peppermint Pretty-55Peppermint Pretty-60Peppermint Pretty-66Peppermint Pretty-65Peppermint Pretty-71Peppermint Pretty-73Peppermint Pretty-82Peppermint Pretty-77Peppermint Pretty-100Peppermint Pretty-111Peppermint Pretty-116Peppermint Pretty-124Peppermint Pretty-107Peppermint Pretty-141Peppermint Pretty-149Peppermint Pretty-162Peppermint Pretty-182Peppermint Pretty-204Peppermint Pretty-237Peppermint Pretty-241Peppermint Pretty-244Peppermint Pretty-250Peppermint Pretty-265Peppermint Pretty-259Peppermint Pretty-275Peppermint Pretty-830Peppermint Pretty-850Peppermint Pretty-856Peppermint Pretty-861Peppermint Pretty-882Peppermint Pretty-884Peppermint Pretty-892Peppermint Pretty-897Peppermint Pretty-907Peppermint Pretty-915Peppermint Pretty-930Peppermint Pretty-953Peppermint Pretty-950Peppermint Pretty-326Peppermint Pretty-309Peppermint Pretty-323Peppermint Pretty-666Peppermint Pretty-346Peppermint Pretty-340Peppermint Pretty-350Peppermint Pretty-364Peppermint Pretty-384Peppermint Pretty-366Peppermint Pretty-388Peppermint Pretty-391Peppermint Pretty-397Peppermint Pretty-414Peppermint Pretty-416Peppermint Pretty-436Peppermint Pretty-478Peppermint Pretty-485Peppermint Pretty-496Peppermint Pretty-502Peppermint Pretty-569Peppermint Pretty-678Peppermint Pretty-684Peppermint Pretty-755Peppermint Pretty-773Peppermint Pretty-783Peppermint Pretty-780Peppermint Pretty-804Peppermint Pretty-806Peppermint Pretty-739Peppermint Pretty-826Peppermint Pretty-672Dresses: Peppermint Pretty

Location: The American Hotel 

Fresh Bouquets: Sparrow’s Flowers

Silk Bouquet: The Bridal Flower

Styling/Details: Sara of The Lady Jane


Featured! | Glamour and Grace

Yes guys… I am still alive. It’s been a little crazy around here! We had an amazing vacation and 4th of July. Getting back to work has been easier said than done!!! By far the best part about coming home this time was that first thing Monday morning I opened my computer to find the images from my Golden Spring Styled Bridal Shoot were on the front page of Glamour and Grace!!! It was an incredible feeling to see the shoot featured! If you haven’t done so yet, you should go check it out!


Golden Spring | Styled Bridal Shoot

Spring Styled Bridals-338I am soooo very excited to share this shoot with you! I have always wanted to do my own styled shoot and I finally did it. This shoot has allowed me as a photographer to show everyone my style in a creative and fun way! I am so thankful for all of the people that donated their time and services for this special day. Enjoy this spring filled shoot!

Spring Styled Bridals-332Spring Styled Bridals-342Spring Styled Bridals-59Spring Styled Bridals-52Spring Styled Bridals-80Spring Styled Bridals-67Spring Styled Bridals-104Spring Styled Bridals-111Spring Styled Bridals-131Spring Styled Bridals-127Spring Styled Bridals-113Spring Styled Bridals-424Spring Styled Bridals-416Spring Styled Bridals-426Spring Styled Bridals-437Spring Styled Bridals-431Spring Styled Bridals-460Spring Styled Bridals-469Spring Styled Bridals-440Spring Styled Bridals-456Spring Styled Bridals-475Spring Styled Bridals-460-2Spring Styled Bridals-413Spring Styled Bridals-200Spring Styled Bridals-233Spring Styled Bridals-277 Spring Styled Bridals-289Spring Styled Bridals-287Spring Styled Bridals-302Spring Styled Bridals-311Spring Styled Bridals-214Spring Styled Bridals-211Spring Styled Bridals-362Spring Styled Bridals-369Spring Styled Bridals-497Spring Styled Bridals-508Spring Styled Bridals-525Spring Styled Bridals-385Spring Styled Bridals-402Spring Styled Bridals-412Spring Styled Bridals-408Spring Styled Bridals-491Spring Styled Bridals-502Spring Styled Bridals-489Spring Styled Bridals-570Spring Styled Bridals-555Spring Styled Bridals-552Spring Styled Bridals-561Spring Styled Bridals-575Spring Styled Bridals-572Spring Styled Bridals-598Spring Styled Bridals-584Spring Styled Bridals-621Spring Styled Bridals-626Spring Styled Bridals-632Spring Styled Bridals-646Spring Styled Bridals-654Spring Styled Bridals-666Spring Styled Bridals-679



Dress: Peppermint Pretty 

Invitations: Kxo Design

Table Number: River Kiss Weddings

Cupcakes: Sweetness Bakery

Vintage ladder and trunk: The Lady Jane