Kristin + Nolan | Engaged

Kristin and Nolan-346

 Kristin and Nolan are such a sweet couple and I’m so glad we got to do their engagement session last week! Kristin and Nolan live in Washington state so we thought we wouldn’t be able to work in a session for them, but we actually decided kind of last minute to try to squeeze one in while they were in town for the holidays! I met them on a chilly morning at Kristin’s parent’s farm in Grottoes. It was cold but this couple came ready to snuggle! Not to mention they brought their adorable pup Dakota with them. I love any session that includes a dog!

Kristin and Nolan-7Kristin and Nolan-13Kristin and Nolan-25Kristin and Nolan-18Kristin and Nolan-29Kristin and Nolan-47Kristin and Nolan-80Kristin and Nolan-53Kristin and Nolan-56Kristin and Nolan-100Kristin and Nolan-110Kristin and Nolan-116Kristin and Nolan-127Kristin and Nolan-139Kristin and Nolan-128Kristin and Nolan-428Kristin and Nolan-147Kristin and Nolan-155Kristin and Nolan-159Kristin and Nolan-179Kristin and Nolan-182Kristin and Nolan-184Kristin and Nolan-199Kristin and Nolan-247Kristin and Nolan-258Kristin and Nolan-251Kristin and Nolan-260Kristin and Nolan-268Kristin and Nolan-271Kristin and Nolan-273Kristin and Nolan-277Kristin and Nolan-413Kristin and Nolan-304Kristin and Nolan-317Kristin and Nolan-320Kristin and Nolan-321Kristin and Nolan-331Kristin and Nolan-346Kristin and Nolan-348Kristin and Nolan-401

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