Grace + Dan | Engaged

Grace and Dan Engaged-88

Grace and Dan are such an amazing couple! They started dating while they were in high school… then they went to separate colleges, but that didn’t stop them! They survived a four year long distance relationship. You can really tell by being around them how strong their love is! Dan proposed to Grace on a cross-country road trip last year while they were hiking in Yellowstone National Park. I am SO EXCITED to witness them become husband and wife in April!

We had to reschedule their engagement session once due to rainy weather and I have to say… I’m so glad we did! The color of the leaves the day of their session made me want to jump up and down. The trees were gorgeous!!! 

Grace and Dan Engaged-3Grace and Dan Engaged-4Grace and Dan Engaged-20Grace and Dan Engaged-40Grace and Dan Engaged-83Grace and Dan Engaged-97Grace and Dan Engaged-103Grace and Dan Engaged-105Grace and Dan Engaged-114Grace and Dan Engaged-128Grace and Dan Engaged-142Grace and Dan Engaged-153Grace and Dan Engaged-155Grace and Dan Engaged-158Grace and Dan Engaged-184Grace and Dan Engaged-172Grace and Dan Engaged-196Grace and Dan Engaged-205Grace and Dan Engaged-217Grace and Dan Engaged-220Grace and Dan Engaged-230Grace and Dan Engaged-257Grace and Dan Engaged-270Grace and Dan Engaged-275Grace and Dan Engaged-233Grace and Dan Engaged-278Grace and Dan Engaged-301Grace and Dan Engaged-310Grace and Dan Engaged-319Grace and Dan Engaged-333Grace and Dan Engaged-344Grace and Dan Engaged-364Grace and Dan Engaged-408Grace and Dan Engaged-416Grace and Dan Engaged-441Grace and Dan Engaged-435Grace and Dan Engaged-457

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