Bethany + Michael | Winchester Engagement Session

Bethany and Michael Engagement-68

Bethany and Michael are the sweetest couple with the most adorable story! They met in second grade and were friends all the way through high school. They parted ways to go to separate colleges, but ended up finding their way back to each other years later and started dating! Exactly one year after their first date Michael returned to the same location with Bethany and asked her to be his wife with her entire family watching! Seriously… so amazing! 

I had so much fun getting to know them during their engagement session last week! I’m so excited for their wedding in May! Congratulations Bethany and Michael!

Bethany and Michael Engagement-59Bethany and Michael Engagement-32Bethany and Michael Engagement-25Bethany and Michael Engagement-11Bethany and Michael Engagement-20Bethany and Michael Engagement-5Bethany and Michael Engagement-17Bethany and Michael Engagement-75Bethany and Michael Engagement-89Bethany and Michael Engagement-95Bethany and Michael Engagement-100Bethany and Michael Engagement-106Bethany and Michael Engagement-115Bethany and Michael Engagement-123Bethany and Michael Engagement-120Bethany and Michael Engagement-138Bethany and Michael Engagement-125Bethany and Michael Engagement-132Then their sweet little girl joined in to let everyone know the big date! She’s a cutie!

Bethany and Michael Engagement-145Bethany and Michael Engagement-159Bethany and Michael Engagement-207Bethany and Michael Engagement-218Bethany and Michael Engagement-230Bethany and Michael Engagement-283Bethany and Michael Engagement-222Bethany and Michael Engagement-234Bethany and Michael Engagement-243Bethany and Michael Engagement-285Bethany and Michael Engagement-286Bethany and Michael Engagement-212Bethany and Michael Engagement-264Bethany and Michael Engagement-257Bethany and Michael Engagement-300Bethany and Michael Engagement-306Bethany and Michael Engagement-303Bethany and Michael Engagement-312Bethany and Michael Engagement-322Bethany and Michael Engagement-331Bethany and Michael Engagement-337Bethany and Michael Engagement-347Bethany and Michael Engagement-360Bethany and Michael Engagement-339Bethany and Michael Engagement-376Bethany and Michael Engagement-379Bethany and Michael Engagement-398Bethany and Michael Engagement-407



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