Kimberly + Hunter | Engaged

Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-66I loved everything about Kimberly and Hunter’s session last weekend! They actually live right down the road from me so we didn’t have to go far to find some very pretty places to take their pictures. The light was so gorgeous but at the end we were racing against the sunset! I loved hearing about how they met and their plans for their wedding next year. I’m also a dog lover… therefore I totally fell for their sweet pup Calvin who sat still for a FEW pictures :) Enjoy!

Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-8Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-18Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-20Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-24Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-26-2Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-25Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-30Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-35Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-40Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-43Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-47Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-55Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-81Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-83Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-104Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-90Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-109Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-108Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-115Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-130Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-119Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-126Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-132Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-140Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-159Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-199Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-208Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-213Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-236Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-246Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-257Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-268Kimberly and Hunter Engagement-283


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