Julie + David | Engaged

Julie and David Engagement-63

I am so in love with this couple and this session! Julie was actually a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot this summer and I was thrilled when she contacted me just months later telling me she was now engaged!!! Julie LOVES Christmas so we decided to start their session at a Christmas tree farm! I met up with Julie and David at Francisco Farms in Staunton. It was windy and a little chilly but this couple made their session so cozy! After the farm, we headed to downtown Staunton to finish things up. I totally fell in love with these guys… and Julie’s laughter is the best! I am so very excited for their wedding next year!

Julie and David Engagement-36Julie and David Engagement-43Julie and David Engagement-13Julie and David Engagement-53Julie and David Engagement-82Julie and David Engagement-70Julie and David Engagement-287Julie and David Engagement-84Julie and David Engagement-101Julie and David Engagement-141Julie and David Engagement-168Julie and David Engagement-157Julie and David Engagement-173Julie and David Engagement-179Julie and David Engagement-204Julie and David Engagement-217Julie and David Engagement-222Julie and David Engagement-224Julie and David Engagement-230Julie and David Engagement-235Julie and David Engagement-238Julie and David Engagement-240Julie and David Engagement-247Julie and David Engagement-249Julie and David Engagement-252Julie and David Engagement-273Julie and David Engagement-282Julie and David Engagement-311Julie and David Engagement-353Julie and David Engagement-275Julie and David Engagement-360

 I love how beautiful the buildings are in downtown Staunton! Also… these guys are like models!

Julie and David Engagement-374Julie and David Engagement-379Julie and David Engagement-384Julie and David Engagement-397-2Julie and David Engagement-408Julie and David Engagement-414Julie and David Engagement-420Julie and David Engagement-430Julie and David Engagement-434Julie and David Engagement-447Julie and David Engagement-453Julie and David Engagement-464Julie and David Engagement-469Julie and David Engagement-494Julie and David Engagement-473Julie and David Engagement-504Julie and David Engagement-516Julie and David Engagement-507Julie and David Engagement-536Julie and David Engagement-530Julie and David Engagement-540Julie and David Engagement-513Julie and David Engagement-568Julie and David Engagement-572Julie and David Engagement-588Julie and David Engagement-605Julie and David Engagement-636



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