Stephanie + Nick | James Madison University Engagement Session

Stephanie and Nick Engagement-203Stephanie and Nick are such a sweet couple! They both graduated from JMU and it was so fun spending the afternoon with them on campus for their engagement session last weekend! It was a pleasure learning bits and pieces of their story and their plans for their wedding next year! Congratulations Stephanie and Nick! 

Stephanie and Nick Engagement-7Stephanie and Nick Engagement-4Stephanie and Nick Engagement-17Stephanie and Nick Engagement-25Stephanie and Nick Engagement-55Stephanie and Nick Engagement-65Stephanie and Nick Engagement-27Stephanie and Nick Engagement-40Stephanie and Nick Engagement-60Stephanie and Nick Engagement-105Stephanie and Nick Engagement-134Stephanie and Nick Engagement-139Stephanie and Nick Engagement-144Stephanie and Nick Engagement-173Stephanie and Nick Engagement-158Stephanie and Nick Engagement-186Stephanie and Nick Engagement-194Stephanie and Nick Engagement-208Stephanie and Nick Engagement-221Stephanie and Nick Engagement-226Stephanie and Nick Engagement-234Stephanie and Nick Engagement-307Stephanie and Nick Engagement-312Stephanie and Nick Engagement-327Stephanie and Nick Engagement-345Stephanie and Nick Engagement-351Stephanie and Nick Engagement-371Stephanie and Nick Engagement-359Stephanie and Nick Engagement-269Stephanie and Nick Engagement-348Stephanie and Nick Engagement-396Stephanie and Nick Engagement-383Stephanie and Nick Engagement-412Stephanie and Nick Engagement-434Stephanie and Nick Engagement-410Stephanie and Nick Engagement-457Stephanie and Nick Engagement-475Stephanie and Nick Engagement-489Stephanie and Nick Engagement-526Stephanie and Nick Engagement-513Stephanie and Nick Engagement-600Stephanie and Nick Engagement-552Stephanie and Nick Engagement-540Stephanie and Nick Engagement-583Stephanie and Nick Engagement-578Stephanie and Nick Engagement-615Stephanie and Nick Engagement-245Stephanie and Nick Engagement-596Stephanie and Nick Engagement-646Stephanie and Nick Engagement-673Stephanie and Nick Engagement-705Stephanie and Nick Engagement-733Stephanie and Nick Engagement-724Stephanie and Nick Engagement-748Stephanie and Nick Engagement-765Stephanie and Nick Engagement-784Stephanie and Nick Engagement-808



The New Erin Forehand Photography!

The time has finally come… my new website is here! I have spent the past year putting together a collection of things I love and trying to figure out how to mold them into a brand that represents me. What was the best way of doing this you ask? Everyone’s favorite… Pinterest. I simply started by making a board just for my new branding and went to town pinning everything I loved. This included everything from furniture to clothing to fonts to colors! It really was a very helpful way to narrow down my style.

The past year has been incredible for me! I have grown so much as a photographer. The love I have received from clients and fellow photographers has meant so much to me. To everyone who has had a part in my business this past year… whether you showed support by being a client who trusted me with your memories, or family or friends who donated your time and positive thoughts… THANK YOU… from the bottom of my heart!

So please come on in, take a look around, and leave me some love! Here is some of my new packaging too!