Cantwell Family

This was definitely one of those sessions where I had a super hard time picking out my favorite images for this post. This family is so sweet and it was such a joy to photograph them. This little boy was just adorable and he has some pretty amazing parents! Enjoy!

Every baby should have their own Christmas tree!

Love how he’s pushing his way out!

He was SO sleepy by the time we got to the swings!


Thomas James | Newborn

Oh my… T.J. is just the sweetest baby! Remember Christie and Lowell’s maternity session? Well, their peapod finally made his arrival, although it was a little earlier than expected. T.J. came a month early and had to spend some time in the NICU. However, this sweet little man is doing amazing! He was actually 6 weeks old when we did this session but was the size of a full term newborn. Christie and Lowell are incredible parents. Their birth story really shows their strength! I’m so glad T.J. is home and well!

Brandy + Greg | Expecting

Brandy and Greg are an amazing couple. When they found out they were expecting, it seemed like much more than a miracle to them. They had tried for a long time to get pregnant with no success. Those of us who can easily have babies can only imagine how that might feel. After rounds of infertility treatments they had finally just decided that it wasn’t meant to be… until the day their lives changed. Greg came home from work and there were SEVERAL pregnancy tests laying on the counter all with a positive result! Just when they least expected it, they were blessed with a pregnancy, and now at 37 weeks it’s almost time to meet their sweet little miracle baby girl! I am so happy for them and excited to meet their little one!

Tara + Zac | Expecting

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.” -Unknown

This post is very special to me. Tara and I became friends when we started working at the same OB/GYN office. We interact with pregnant women every day. We see people experience some of the happiest times of their lives, and unfortunately at the same time experience some sad times as well. Tara is an amazing nurse and I’m very lucky to work with her. It has been such a blessing to witness this person who spends so much of her time and energy taking care of other expectant moms experience it for herself! Tara and her husband Zac are expecting their first baby (a boy who’s name will remain a secret until he takes his first breath) due to arrive in July. They are such a sweet couple and I can already tell that they will be outstanding parents!

Waiting banner by CM Handmade


Newborn | Welcome Baby Katy

On October 20th, my dearest friend and her husband welcomed their new baby girl into the world! For a long time, they were worried that Miss Kathryn Bell would make her entrance before it was time. There was a lot of time spent at the hospital, many hours of bed rest and taking it easy. Then, when they were actually ready for Katy to come, she needed some convincing. Induction was needed. After many hours of trying to persuade Katy that she was ready for the world, she finally arrived. From the beginning, Katy’s destiny was unknown. There was some concerning news on and off that kept her parents on their toes, and I know that her safe arrival was nothing less than glorious to them. There were many prayers said for them, especially from my house.

I’m so happy that Katy is finally here and she is amazingly healthy! The youngest of five, I know that there will be hectic times, but she will always be loved. To my friend, you are an incredible mother, and I wish you all the best! (*tear)