The Eppards | Family

I love families… especially this one. Maria and David are an amazing couple and have two adorable girls. I was very honored to be able to come out to their home in Elkton to do their family session! Their girls were so full of energy and so fun to photograph! Here are some of my favorites from that day. Enjoy!

Ava | Happy Birthday

Yes, I am posting another birthday. Why so soon? Well, in this house the birthdays of our girls is 11 days apart. This time, it’s Ava’s turn. Ava is 2 and well… she acts 2. She is an adorable and happy addition to our family who is learning to express herself the way most toddlers do… loudly:) We love her so much! We had an Elmo party for her yesterday. Elmo is her new favorite and I think I went a little overboard with all of the details. Either way, she had a great time. Happy Birthday Ava!

Taylor + Ava | Spring Portraits

Back in March we were having some oddly warm weather. That, paired with the brightly colored buds that were peeking out from the dead leaves and old mulch made for some nice early spring playtime outside, and a definite opportunity for me to capture pictures of my two favorite people… my daughters. Taylor, ten years old, is bright and funny and always has a smile on her face. She is a wonderful big sister. Ava, now almost 16 months old, is becoming quite independent. She was definitely uninterested in sitting still to have her picture taken. She is, however, very easy going and sweet. We have all been overjoyed by her presence in our family. They both keep me very busy. I hope you enjoy!