Tara + Zac | Expecting

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.” -Unknown

This post is very special to me. Tara and I became friends when we started working at the same OB/GYN office. We interact with pregnant women every day. We see people experience some of the happiest times of their lives, and unfortunately at the same time experience some sad times as well. Tara is an amazing nurse and I’m very lucky to work with her. It has been such a blessing to witness this person who spends so much of her time and energy taking care of other expectant moms experience it for herself! Tara and her husband Zac are expecting their first baby (a boy who’s name will remain a secret until he takes his first breath) due to arrive in July. They are such a sweet couple and I can already tell that they will be outstanding parents!

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Kalena + Peter | Engaged

Kalena and Peter are the type of clients that I fall in love with quickly. They are so in love and excited about their upcoming wedding! They were so amazing during our shoot that there were times where I felt like they didn’t even need me there. They were naturals! Peter is so sweet and Kalena… those eyes! Enjoy this beautiful couple!

The May Family | Portraits

I L-O-V-E the May family! Katie and I used to work together and we instantly became friends after figuring out that we have similar personalities. Since then she has married her amazing husband and they have had their first child who is incredibly adorable and is just a little younger than one of my girls. I had the pleasure of doing family photos for them last year, and it has been so much fun to see how much their son Kalib has grown! Sessions with the May family are always so much fun. Even though it was freezing this day, we had a blast. Enjoy!

Gear Review | Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag

This post is all about my birthday present this year! My husband came to me and said that he had planned on getting me a new camera bag for my birthday, but he wanted me to pick it out because he was getting conflicting opinions from me on which bag I actually wanted. It was a VERY hard decision. I probably would have been better off just letting him pick for me! After much research, I decided on the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag. My biggest problem with the camera bag that I was originally using was that it was so big and bulky that the thought of taking my camera most places with me was exhausting. The B-Hobo bag  is amazing. It is small and lightweight, yet still holds my camera body as well as 2-4 lenses and other accessories. It has two front pockets, and one large back pocket for additional storage. There are two small side pockets, which unfortunately do not fit my iPhone with a case on it, but I’m fine putting it in one of the front pockets. It has a long pocket on the inside which is meant for something the size of an iPad I believe, but with a little less gear, I can actually fit my 13″ MacBook in it! The top flips open for easy lens changes, which is perfect for portrait sessions or weddings. The leather is so soft, and the color is to die for! I’m so happy with my new bag!

Taylor + Ava | Spring Portraits

Back in March we were having some oddly warm weather. That, paired with the brightly colored buds that were peeking out from the dead leaves and old mulch made for some nice early spring playtime outside, and a definite opportunity for me to capture pictures of my two favorite people… my daughters. Taylor, ten years old, is bright and funny and always has a smile on her face. She is a wonderful big sister. Ava, now almost 16 months old, is becoming quite independent. She was definitely uninterested in sitting still to have her picture taken. She is, however, very easy going and sweet. We have all been overjoyed by her presence in our family. They both keep me very busy. I hope you enjoy!

Welcome! | New Blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog! I have been so excited to share this with all of the people I love and cherish! To my family and my friends, you have been a huge source of encouragement for me in my photography endeavor, and I thank all of you for your love and support. My husband deserves the biggest thank you for his hours and hours of work on the design and function of this blog site. He is amazing!

My purpose and intent is simply to provide beautiful photographs for my clients in a very special and memorable way. I am available for Portraits and Weddings. Check back often to see samples of my work, both professional and personal. To stay updated on my work, you can like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!

Here are some images from some portrait sessions that I did this past fall…