Golden Spring | Styled Bridal Shoot

Spring Styled Bridals-338I am soooo very excited to share this shoot with you! I have always wanted to do my own styled shoot and I finally did it. This shoot has allowed me as a photographer to show everyone my style in a creative and fun way! I am so thankful for all of the people that donated their time and services for this special day. Enjoy this spring filled shoot!

Spring Styled Bridals-332Spring Styled Bridals-342Spring Styled Bridals-59Spring Styled Bridals-52Spring Styled Bridals-80Spring Styled Bridals-67Spring Styled Bridals-104Spring Styled Bridals-111Spring Styled Bridals-131Spring Styled Bridals-127Spring Styled Bridals-113Spring Styled Bridals-424Spring Styled Bridals-416Spring Styled Bridals-426Spring Styled Bridals-437Spring Styled Bridals-431Spring Styled Bridals-460Spring Styled Bridals-469Spring Styled Bridals-440Spring Styled Bridals-456Spring Styled Bridals-475Spring Styled Bridals-460-2Spring Styled Bridals-413Spring Styled Bridals-200Spring Styled Bridals-233Spring Styled Bridals-277 Spring Styled Bridals-289Spring Styled Bridals-287Spring Styled Bridals-302Spring Styled Bridals-311Spring Styled Bridals-214Spring Styled Bridals-211Spring Styled Bridals-362Spring Styled Bridals-369Spring Styled Bridals-497Spring Styled Bridals-508Spring Styled Bridals-525Spring Styled Bridals-385Spring Styled Bridals-402Spring Styled Bridals-412Spring Styled Bridals-408Spring Styled Bridals-491Spring Styled Bridals-502Spring Styled Bridals-489Spring Styled Bridals-570Spring Styled Bridals-555Spring Styled Bridals-552Spring Styled Bridals-561Spring Styled Bridals-575Spring Styled Bridals-572Spring Styled Bridals-598Spring Styled Bridals-584Spring Styled Bridals-621Spring Styled Bridals-626Spring Styled Bridals-632Spring Styled Bridals-646Spring Styled Bridals-654Spring Styled Bridals-666Spring Styled Bridals-679



Dress: Peppermint Pretty 

Invitations: Kxo Design

Table Number: River Kiss Weddings

Cupcakes: Sweetness Bakery

Vintage ladder and trunk: The Lady Jane


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