The Skaflen Family

Skaflen Family-11I met up with the Skaflen family last week on the JMU campus for their family session and fell in love! They had me laughing the whole time! These kids are amazing. They are bright, loving, and full of personality. I loved all of the silly moments and laughter from their session! 

Skaflen Family-33Skaflen Family-47Skaflen Family-22Skaflen Family-118Skaflen Family-168Skaflen Family-180Skaflen Family-190Skaflen Family-205Skaflen Family-214Skaflen Family-235Skaflen Family-255Skaflen Family-306Skaflen Family-326Skaflen Family-344Skaflen Family-377Skaflen Family-413Skaflen Family-526Skaflen Family-504

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