Life | Taylor is 12!

Last year I started something that I hope I’ll keep up with. Doing a birthday session for each of my girls. It gives each of the girls a little one on one time and makes them feel special! Plus, as a photographer I am always so busy doing pictures for other people, that I don’t take the time I should to document my family. This is a good way for me to stay on top of that! Plus, Taylor really liked the session we did last year so she was very excited to remind me about it this year!

Today Taylor is 12! My life is just going full speed and I can’t believe that my first little baby is 12. We went out today when it was 15 degrees and spitting snow. The session took about 10 minutes because we were freezing! But we had fun and got come cute images that will always remind me of what Taylor was like at 12! Beautiful, loving, and totally turning into a young woman right before my eyes. Look here at her session from last year to really see how much she’s grown!