T.J. | One Year

TJ First Birthday-3I can’t believe that this little guy is one year old! It doesn’t seem like that long ago when I was doing his newborn session. Hasn’t he turned into such a sweet and handsome little man? It was so much fun hanging out with T.J. and watching him smash his cake. We were also joined by T.J.’s cousin Aydon who’s first birthday was just a couple of weeks before! Hope you enjoy these cuties as much as I did!

TJ First Birthday-19TJ First Birthday-23TJ First Birthday-26TJ First Birthday-57TJ First Birthday-44TJ First Birthday-75TJ First Birthday-83TJ First Birthday-102TJ First Birthday-108TJ First Birthday-114TJ First Birthday-142TJ First Birthday-179TJ First Birthday-201TJ First Birthday-230TJ First Birthday-244TJ First Birthday-264TJ First Birthday-271TJ First Birthday-293


Meet Aydon!

TJ First Birthday-310TJ First Birthday-317TJ First Birthday-336TJ First Birthday-328TJ First Birthday-343TJ First Birthday-364TJ First Birthday-397TJ First Birthday-438TJ First Birthday-440TJ First Birthday-441TJ First Birthday-444TJ First Birthday-452TJ First Birthday-454TJ First Birthday-484TJ First Birthday-477TJ First Birthday-492TJ First Birthday-498TJ First Birthday-502TJ First Birthday-526TJ First Birthday-529TJ First Birthday-557TJ First Birthday-580

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