Styled Shoot | The Peppermint Pretty

Peppermint Pretty-134I was absolutely thrilled when Erin Coleman, the amazing dress designer and owner of Peppermint Pretty asked me to do a shoot for some of her new designs! I adore her dresses! One of my favorite parts of my job is when I get the chance to be creative and style something totally different and fun! I could NOT have done this shoot without my friend Sara from The Lady Jane. Her styling abilities are just incredible! A huge thank you to everyone who made this day as amazing as I had hoped!Peppermint Pretty-5Peppermint Pretty-1Peppermint Pretty-10Peppermint Pretty-17Peppermint Pretty-21Peppermint Pretty-22Peppermint Pretty-24Peppermint Pretty-28Peppermint Pretty-26Peppermint Pretty-38Peppermint Pretty-42Peppermint Pretty-50Peppermint Pretty-55Peppermint Pretty-60Peppermint Pretty-66Peppermint Pretty-65Peppermint Pretty-71Peppermint Pretty-73Peppermint Pretty-82Peppermint Pretty-77Peppermint Pretty-100Peppermint Pretty-111Peppermint Pretty-116Peppermint Pretty-124Peppermint Pretty-107Peppermint Pretty-141Peppermint Pretty-149Peppermint Pretty-162Peppermint Pretty-182Peppermint Pretty-204Peppermint Pretty-237Peppermint Pretty-241Peppermint Pretty-244Peppermint Pretty-250Peppermint Pretty-265Peppermint Pretty-259Peppermint Pretty-275Peppermint Pretty-830Peppermint Pretty-850Peppermint Pretty-856Peppermint Pretty-861Peppermint Pretty-882Peppermint Pretty-884Peppermint Pretty-892Peppermint Pretty-897Peppermint Pretty-907Peppermint Pretty-915Peppermint Pretty-930Peppermint Pretty-953Peppermint Pretty-950Peppermint Pretty-326Peppermint Pretty-309Peppermint Pretty-323Peppermint Pretty-666Peppermint Pretty-346Peppermint Pretty-340Peppermint Pretty-350Peppermint Pretty-364Peppermint Pretty-384Peppermint Pretty-366Peppermint Pretty-388Peppermint Pretty-391Peppermint Pretty-397Peppermint Pretty-414Peppermint Pretty-416Peppermint Pretty-436Peppermint Pretty-478Peppermint Pretty-485Peppermint Pretty-496Peppermint Pretty-502Peppermint Pretty-569Peppermint Pretty-678Peppermint Pretty-684Peppermint Pretty-755Peppermint Pretty-773Peppermint Pretty-783Peppermint Pretty-780Peppermint Pretty-804Peppermint Pretty-806Peppermint Pretty-739Peppermint Pretty-826Peppermint Pretty-672Dresses: Peppermint Pretty

Location: The American Hotel 

Fresh Bouquets: Sparrow’s Flowers

Silk Bouquet: The Bridal Flower

Styling/Details: Sara of The Lady Jane


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