Noelle + Jason | Expecting

Noelle and Jason Expecting-34This past weekend I met up with Noelle and Jason who are expecting their first baby very soon! The day of their session it rained ALL DAY LONG… at the last minute we decided to go for it and I’m so glad we did! Noelle and I went to school together and the last time we did pictures together she had just found out she was pregnant. It’s so exciting seeing these two with just days left until they meet their baby girl. I wish them the best of luck!

Noelle and Jason Expecting-1Noelle and Jason Expecting-16Noelle and Jason Expecting-31-2Noelle and Jason Expecting-43Noelle and Jason Expecting-59Noelle and Jason Expecting-47Noelle and Jason Expecting-66Noelle and Jason Expecting-76Noelle and Jason Expecting-100Noelle and Jason Expecting-111Noelle and Jason Expecting-119Noelle and Jason Expecting-151Noelle and Jason Expecting-173Noelle and Jason Expecting-189Noelle and Jason Expecting-214Noelle and Jason Expecting-219Noelle and Jason Expecting-229Noelle and Jason Expecting-223Noelle and Jason Expecting-253Noelle and Jason Expecting-272Noelle and Jason Expecting-277Noelle and Jason Expecting-289Noelle and Jason Expecting-303Noelle and Jason Expecting-325Noelle and Jason Expecting-335Noelle and Jason Expecting-356-2Noelle and Jason Expecting-345Noelle and Jason Expecting-348

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