Life | Ava is 3!

I FINALLY have Ava’s birthday session to share with you! It’s been delayed because she was sick on her actual birthday. I know… it was totally sad:( But, she’s better now and back to her usual self! 

I really just can’t believe that Ava is 3. She has definitely developed quite a little personality. She, like most 3 year olds, is really into saying “no” and wants things to go her way. She can be goofing off one minute, and then totally serious about something the next. She keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing all day even when she’s in trouble… because really… those are some of the funniest times! She is absolutely gorgeous. She has big brown eyes and soft golden hair. To sum it up… we are just in LOVE with this girl!

We had a quick ten minute session in our foyer this morning. And when I say quick I mean quick, because 3 year olds don’t have the time to sit still for pictures. I MAY have bribed her with girl scout cookies:)

Ava is 3-61Ava is 3-80Ava is 3-88Ava is 3-104Ava is 3-96Ava is 3-102Ava is 3-112Ava is 3-113Ava is 3-115Ava is 3-123Ava is 3-140Ava is 3-143Ava is 3-167Ava is 3-172Ava is 3-178Ava is 3-174

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