Kristin + Nolan | Frontier Culture Museum Wedding

Kristin and Nolan Wedding-634The day started dark and cloudy. The possibility of rain was around every corner. As I drove to Staunton for Kristin and Nolan’s wedding the sky opened up and it didn’t just rain… it poured. My heart sank a little bit for my couple. They had planned an outdoor ceremony! However, when I entered the bed and breakfast where Kristin and her bridesmaids were getting ready, everyone was smiling! There was so much energy and excitement in the room! Kristin looked absolutely stunning and she was so happy to finally be marrying her best friend. No amount of rain could ruin this day for her! The rest of the day ended up being gorgeous! It sprinkled here and there, but the rain held off and Kristin and Nolan had the wedding they had been dreaming of! 

Kristin and Nolan Wedding-23Kristin and Nolan Wedding-38Kristin and Nolan Wedding-56Kristin and Nolan Wedding-115Kristin and Nolan Wedding-92Kristin and Nolan Wedding-308Kristin and Nolan Wedding-266Kristin and Nolan Wedding-279Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-124Kristin and Nolan Wedding-340Kristin and Nolan Wedding-262Kristin and Nolan Wedding-353Kristin and Nolan Wedding-315

Beautiful ladies!

Kristin and Nolan Wedding-376

Ready for the first look! So sweet!

Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-168Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-171 Kristin and Nolan Wedding-407Kristin and Nolan Wedding-413Kristin and Nolan Wedding-435Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-197Kristin and Nolan Wedding-444The Frontier Culture Museum had so many amazing places to take pictures!

Kristin and Nolan Wedding-537Kristin and Nolan Wedding-567Kristin and Nolan Wedding-543Kristin and Nolan Wedding-554Kristin and Nolan Wedding-820Kristin and Nolan Wedding-575Kristin and Nolan Wedding-622Kristin and Nolan Wedding-610Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-328Kristin and Nolan Wedding-628Kristin and Nolan Wedding-635Kristin and Nolan Wedding-630Kristin and Nolan Wedding-651Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-471Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-473Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-480Kristin and Nolan Wedding-921Kristin and Nolan Wedding-680Such a fun bridal party!

Kristin and Nolan Wedding-463Kristin and Nolan Wedding-489Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-252Kristin and Nolan Wedding-505Kristin and Nolan Wedding-497Kristin and Nolan Wedding-5122014-05-18_00012014-05-18_0003Time to get married!

Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-525Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1061Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1071Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1286Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-672Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-690Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1256Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1299Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1324Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1408Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-733Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-744Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-785Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-799MARRIED!

Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1670Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1661Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1704Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-845Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1681Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1719Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1676Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1746Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1758Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1763

Reception time!

 Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1183Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1099Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1111Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1148Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1157Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1164Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1112Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1121Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-534Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1195Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1230Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1179Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1891Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1862Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1876Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-978Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1948Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1970Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2030Kristin and Nolan Wedding-1999Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2062Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2137Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2114Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2120Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-1160Kristin and Nolan Wedding 2-1151Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2133Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2282Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2194Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2150Kristin and Nolan Wedding-26252014-05-19_0001Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2356Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2594Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2596Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2609Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2580Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2643Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2664Kristin and Nolan Wedding-2679Congratulations Kristin and Nolan!

Thank you to Casey Myers for shooting with me!


Venue: The Frontier Culture Museum

Flowers: Bride and family!

Bride’s Gown: Amanda’s Touch

Hair and makeup: High Tech Design and Spa

Band: Hound Dog Hill

Cake: The Cupcake Company

Catering: Hank’s Smokehouse

Bridemaid’s dresses: David’s Bridal

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

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