Kaimbrie | One Year

Kaimbrie One Year-97I can’t believe it. This little girl is ONE! I’ve been taking pictures of Kaimbrie since she was in her mother’s belly. It’s been an honor to see her grow from an infant into such a sweet little girl! Here are a few of my favorites from our session!

Kaimbrie One Year-12Kaimbrie One Year-19Kaimbrie One Year-31Kaimbrie One Year-33Kaimbrie One Year-43Kaimbrie One Year-65Kaimbrie One Year-72Kaimbrie One Year-87Kaimbrie One Year-101Kaimbrie One Year-111Kaimbrie One Year-144Kaimbrie One Year-182Kaimbrie One Year-300Kaimbrie One Year-314Kaimbrie One Year-318Kaimbrie One Year-326Kaimbrie One Year-339Kaimbrie One Year-349Kaimbrie One Year-381Kaimbrie One Year-377Kaimbrie One Year-395Kaimbrie One Year-387Kaimbrie One Year-401Kaimbrie One Year-419Kaimbrie One Year-452Kaimbrie One Year-458Kaimbrie One Year-482Kaimbrie One Year-502Kaimbrie One Year-528Kaimbrie One Year-534Kaimbrie One Year-545Kaimbrie One Year-565Kaimbrie One Year-590Kaimbrie One Year-586Kaimbrie One Year-616Kaimbrie One Year-672Kaimbrie One Year-709Kaimbrie One Year-749Kaimbrie One Year-783Kaimbrie One Year-795Kaimbrie One Year-812Kaimbrie One Year-836

And then…. there was cake.

Kaimbrie One Year-858 Kaimbrie One Year-863Kaimbrie One Year-903Kaimbrie One Year-909Kaimbrie One Year-959Kaimbrie One Year-983Happy Birthday sweet Kaimbrie!

One thought on “Kaimbrie | One Year

  1. Miss Kaimbrie, i can’t believe you are ONE already! Happy FIRST birthday beautiful girl
    Lots of love, Critter, Lo and Tj

    and as always Erin your photos are priceless!

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