Kaimbrie | Newborn

Kaimbrie Newborn-15I absolutely adored meeting Kaimbrie. She is just as sweet as she looks! Her session was really special. This was definitely one of those sessions that really reminds me why I LOVE my job! I had done Noelle and Jason’s Maternity Session and I remember how excited they were… and now Kaimbrie is finally here and I can see how in love with her they are! The way they talk to her, kiss her, interact with her… they are already amazing parents! When I do newborn sessions and I walk into someone’s home and I can just feel how much they love their baby I am eager to capture all of the things that I know they will want to remember that go away so quickly… their little fingers, toes, and facial expressions! I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did!

Kaimbrie Newborn-11Kaimbrie Newborn-14Kaimbrie Newborn-25Kaimbrie Newborn-42Kaimbrie Newborn-70Kaimbrie Newborn-76Kaimbrie Newborn-83Kaimbrie Newborn-123Kaimbrie Newborn-155Kaimbrie Newborn-195Kaimbrie Newborn-199Kaimbrie Newborn-229Kaimbrie Newborn-236Kaimbrie Newborn-243Kaimbrie Newborn-242Kaimbrie Newborn-249Kaimbrie Newborn-254Kaimbrie Newborn-265Kaimbrie Newborn-283Kaimbrie Newborn-300Kaimbrie Newborn-310Kaimbrie Newborn-309Kaimbrie Newborn-323Kaimbrie Newborn-330Kaimbrie Newborn-340Kaimbrie Newborn-346Kaimbrie Newborn-353Kaimbrie Newborn-359Kaimbrie Newborn-360Kaimbrie Newborn-368Kaimbrie Newborn-374Kaimbrie Newborn-387Kaimbrie Newborn-391Kaimbrie Newborn-405Kaimbrie Newborn-412Kaimbrie Newborn-422Kaimbrie Newborn-435Kaimbrie Newborn-448A little outside time…

Kaimbrie Newborn-495Kaimbrie Newborn-504Kaimbrie Newborn-528Kaimbrie Newborn-538Kaimbrie Newborn-533Kaimbrie Newborn-549Kaimbrie Newborn-567

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