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This post is all about my birthday present this year! My husband came to me and said that he had planned on getting me a new camera bag for my birthday, but he wanted me to pick it out because he was getting conflicting opinions from me on which bag I actually wanted. It was a VERY hard decision. I probably would have been better off just letting him pick for me! After much research, I decided on the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag. My biggest problem with the camera bag that I was originally using was that it was so big and bulky that the thought of taking my camera most places with me was exhausting. The B-Hobo bag  is amazing. It is small and lightweight, yet still holds my camera body as well as 2-4 lenses and other accessories. It has two front pockets, and one large back pocket for additional storage. There are two small side pockets, which unfortunately do not fit my iPhone with a case on it, but I’m fine putting it in one of the front pockets. It has a long pocket on the inside which is meant for something the size of an iPad I believe, but with a little less gear, I can actually fit my 13″ MacBook in it! The top flips open for easy lens changes, which is perfect for portrait sessions or weddings. The leather is so soft, and the color is to die for! I’m so happy with my new bag!

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  1. I am in love with this bag! SO stylish and practical! On the website, though, I was put off by the fact that it did not look able to fit an ipad – so, I have a question. Would the pocket on the back fit an ipad? Also, did you have to pay extra for the long pocket inside? I can’t find a picture of the B-Hobo that includes the long inside pocket on the website. Thank you so much for your help and Happy Belated Birthday!! :)

    • Hey Megan! Yes, I can fit my iPad in the long pocket inside, and I did not have to pay extra for it. The back pocket on the outside will not fit an iPad though. It’s such an awesome bag!

  2. Sorry to dredge up an old post, but you mentioned fitting a 13″ macbook inside this bag? Kelly Moore says no, but I’ve seen several blogs including yours that say yes. I wouldn’t be carrying much more than usual purse items with the laptop and I’d love this bag for my 13″ Macbook Air! Can you actually fit the 13″ Macbook with the long divider inside? Thanks!

    • Yes! I can fit my 13″ macbook on the inside perfectly. If I happen to have the bag stuffed with lots of gear the fit is much tighter, but it’s usually not a problem!

  3. so tickled to find your review. on the website the mustard looks like a crazy bright yellow. yours looks lovely. do you have any idea if the color has changed?
    i love the look of yours

    • Thanks Paige! I do not know that the color has changed. My images are very true to color. I think it’s a very nice mustard yellow. Not bright at all!

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