Coaching Reunion

Coaching Reunion-11On Monday I had the pleasure of traveling to Richmond to have dinner with a group of incredible photographers who I’m happy to call friends. Katelyn, Michael, and their sweet dog Bokeh graciously opened up their new home and hosted a dinner to reunite all of the photographers that had attended one of Katelyn’s coaching sessions in the past. It was so amazing spending time with photographer friends old and new!!!

The first week of February I sat in Katelyn’s office and talked to her about my business. We discussed my goals and the things that would be necessary to make them happen. In my mind I knew everything that needed to happen, but to have someone like Katelyn help me organize my thoughts and give me the support and inspiration that I had never gotten from another photographer was eye opening for me. I’m encouraged and grateful for all Katelyn has done for my business. She is generous and inspiring. 

At the reunion… sitting with all of those photographers… you could just tell that each and every person had been touched by their coaching session. People shared stories and accomplishments. Some people even cried. It was truly a wonderful night.

After an amazing dinner and group time we headed outside to do some portraits of another amazing photographer and friend Lauryn (who is yet another incredible person who has supported me and my business)! Couldn’t have picked a better model! The flowers were gorgeous and her dress was AMAZING!!! 

Coaching Reunion-44Coaching Reunion-37Coaching Reunion-57Coaching Reunion-67Coaching Reunion-100Coaching Reunion-84Coaching Reunion-118Coaching Reunion-128Coaching Reunion-143Coaching Reunion-155Coaching Reunion-173Coaching Reunion-169

Behind the scenes…

Coaching Reunion-1Coaching Reunion-15Coaching Reunion-23Coaching Reunion-27Coaching Reunion-106Coaching Reunion-112Coaching Reunion-147



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