Grace + Dan | Joshua Wilton House Wedding

Grace and Dan Wedding-1377

 I had been looking forward to Grace and Dan’s wedding since their engagement session last fall! After meeting them and hearing their story I knew that they were a special couple. They braved through years of a long distance relationship and now it was time to promise forever to each other! When I pulled up to the Joshua Wilton House last weekend, the weather was incredible and I was so excited for my bride and groom! The day was perfect. Grace and Dan were surrounded by the people that they love most and you could just see how excited everyone was for them. Congratulations Grace and Dan! I’m so happy for you and honored that you had me capture your day!

Grace and Dan Wedding-10Grace and Dan Wedding-18Grace and Dan Wedding-34Grace and Dan Wedding-64Grace and Dan Wedding-192Grace and Dan Wedding-67Grace and Dan Wedding-83Grace and Dan Wedding-131Grace and Dan Wedding-132Grace and Dan Wedding-140Grace and Dan Wedding-209Grace and Dan Wedding-185Grace and Dan Wedding 2-11Grace and Dan Wedding-220


Get ready for a SERIOUSLY gorgeous bride…

Grace and Dan Wedding-304Grace and Dan Wedding 2-43Grace and Dan Wedding-291Grace and Dan Wedding-290Grace and Dan Wedding-311Grace and Dan Wedding-301Grace and Dan Wedding-318Grace and Dan Wedding 2-56Grace and Dan Wedding-337


Grace gave her bridesmaids the most beautiful bracelets! 

Grace and Dan Wedding 2-81Grace and Dan Wedding-382Grace and Dan Wedding-399Grace and Dan Wedding-406Grace and Dan Wedding-413Grace and Dan Wedding-424Grace and Dan Wedding 2-133Grace and Dan Wedding-471Grace and Dan Wedding-544Grace and Dan Wedding-547Grace and Dan Wedding-554Grace and Dan Wedding-574Grace and Dan Wedding-586Grace and Dan Wedding-624Grace and Dan Wedding-696Grace and Dan Wedding-771Grace and Dan Wedding-857Grace and Dan Wedding-693Grace and Dan Wedding-831Grace and Dan Wedding-813Grace and Dan Wedding-868Grace and Dan Wedding-808Grace and Dan Wedding-845Grace and Dan Wedding 2-303Grace and Dan Wedding 2-262Grace and Dan Wedding 2-260Grace and Dan Wedding 2-231Grace and Dan Wedding 2-295Grace and Dan Wedding 2-293Grace and Dan Wedding 2-330Grace and Dan Wedding-911Grace and Dan Wedding 2-365Grace and Dan Wedding 2-386Grace and Dan Wedding 2-389Grace and Dan Wedding 2-390Grace and Dan Wedding-966Grace and Dan Wedding-1002Grace and Dan Wedding-1044Grace and Dan Wedding-1078Grace and Dan Wedding-1099Amazing bridal party!

Grace and Dan Wedding-1245Grace and Dan Wedding-1309Grace and Dan Wedding-1318Grace and Dan Wedding-1324Grace and Dan Wedding-1346Grace and Dan Wedding-1359Grace and Dan Wedding-1363Grace and Dan Wedding-1360Grace and Dan Wedding-1394Grace and Dan Wedding-1418Grace and Dan Wedding-1441Grace and Dan Wedding-1454Grace and Dan Wedding 2-568Grace and Dan Wedding-1456Grace and Dan Wedding-1487Grace and Dan Wedding-1524Grace and Dan Wedding-1526Grace and Dan Wedding 2-620Grace and Dan Wedding 2-597Grace and Dan Wedding-1562Grace and Dan Wedding-1592

 Reception time! Everything was so beautiful and elegant!

Grace and Dan Wedding-1671Grace and Dan Wedding-1613Grace and Dan Wedding-1713Grace and Dan Wedding-1617Grace and Dan Wedding-1640Grace and Dan Wedding-1644Grace and Dan Wedding-1661Grace and Dan Wedding-1663Grace and Dan Wedding 2-713Grace and Dan Wedding-1636Grace and Dan Wedding-1678Grace and Dan Wedding 2-706Grace and Dan Wedding-1768Grace and Dan Wedding-1619Grace and Dan Wedding-1752The bride’s signature drink!

Grace and Dan Wedding-1862Grace and Dan Wedding 2-823Grace and Dan Wedding-1920Grace and Dan Wedding-1930Grace and Dan Wedding-1937Grace and Dan Wedding-1952Grace and Dan Wedding-1953Grace and Dan Wedding-1963Grace and Dan Wedding-1983Grace and Dan Wedding-1999Grace and Dan Wedding-2002Grace and Dan Wedding-2005Grace and Dan Wedding 2-865Grace and Dan Wedding 2-870Grace and Dan Wedding-2034Congratulations Grace and Dan!!! 

Thanks to Sarah Goodwin for shooting with me!


Venue: Joshua Wilton House  

Church: St. Stephen’s United Church of Christ

Bridal Gown: Jasmine Couture from Candalina Bridal

Flowers: Blue Ridge Florist

Hair: The Studio

Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo from Bridal Impressions

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Classic Tuxedos

Invitations: Minted


Jennifer + Kemper | Blacksburg Elopement


I started off my wedding season this year with something a little different! When I got an email from Jennifer saying that she was planning on getting married on the Virginia Tech campus and the only people who were attending were her, her soon to be husband, and their officiant, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! The weather was such a mess. I woke up that morning with a text from Jennifer letting me know it was snowing and asking if I still wanted to come. She even joked that they could just take pictures with their cell phones! :) I believe that every wedding, no matter how small, deserves amazing pictures… so I headed to Blacksburg! By the time I arrived, it was barely snowing anymore but it was windy and so so cold! Jennifer and Kemper were such troopers! The wedding ceremony was very short but very sweet and special. Then we headed around campus to take pictures at some of their favorite locations! 

Jennifer and Kemper, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Congratulations!

2014-04-08_00022014-04-08_00032014-04-08_00042014-04-08_00052014-04-08_00062014-04-08_00072014-04-08_00082014-04-08_00092014-04-08_00102014-04-08_00112014-04-08_00122014-04-08_00132014-04-08_00142014-04-08_00152014-04-08_00162014-04-08_00172014-04-08_00182014-04-08_0019Oh yeah… then this guys came by for a picture! :)

2014-04-08_00202014-04-08_00212014-04-08_00222014-04-08_00232014-04-08_00242014-04-08_00252014-04-08_0026They had the most adorable tiny cake!!!


Woodland Romance | Styled Shoot

2014-03-23_00432014-03-23_00442014-03-23_00452014-03-23_00462014-03-23_00472014-03-23_00482014-03-23_00492014-03-23_00512014-03-23_00502014-03-23_00522014-03-23_00532014-03-23_00542014-03-23_00552014-03-23_00562014-03-23_00572014-03-23_00582014-03-23_00592014-03-23_00602014-03-23_00612014-03-23_00622014-03-23_00632014-03-23_00642014-03-23_00652014-03-23_00662014-03-23_00672014-03-23_00682014-03-23_00692014-03-23_00702014-03-23_00712014-03-23_00722014-03-23_00732014-03-23_00742014-03-23_00752014-03-23_00762014-03-23_00772014-03-23_00782014-03-23_00802014-03-23_00812014-03-23_00822014-03-23_00832014-03-23_00842014-03-23_00852014-03-23_00862014-03-23_00872014-03-23_00892014-03-23_00882014-03-23_00902014-03-23_00912014-03-23_00922014-03-23_00932014-03-23_00952014-03-23_00962014-03-23_00972014-03-23_00982014-03-23_00992014-03-23_01002014-03-23_01012014-03-23_01032014-03-23_01042014-03-23_01052014-03-23_01062014-03-23_01082014-03-23_01092014-03-23_01102014-03-23_01072014-03-23_01112014-03-23_01122014-03-23_01132014-03-23_01142014-03-23_01152014-03-23_01162014-03-23_0117Thank you so much to all of the vendors who dedicated their time and work to this shoot! We couldn’t have done it without you! 

A special thank you to my amazing friend and stylist Sara. Your vision and talent is the heart of this shoot!

Stylist ~ Sara Christensen, The Lady Jane

Flowers ~ Abby Long, Blakemore’s Flowers

Venue ~ Spring Creek Roller Mills

Dresses ~ Erin Coleman, Truly Bridal

Calligraphy and Paper ~ Laura Lavender Calligraphy & Illustration

Model ~ Farren Francis

Liz + Hugh | Inn at Mount Vernon Farm Wedding

Liz and Hugh Wedding-634Liz and Hugh’s wedding day was just magical. Liz looked so beautiful and elegant! It was definitely chilly , but the Inn at Mount Vernon Farm made for a gorgeous setting! I love the sweet vintage and rustic details put together by Liz and I think it’s safe to say that peach and mint might be one of my new favorite color combos!

Congratulations Liz and Hugh! Thank you to Karen for having me along again as her second shooter!

Liz and Hugh Wedding-1Liz and Hugh Wedding-3Liz and Hugh Wedding-16Liz and Hugh Wedding-25Liz and Hugh Wedding-27Liz and Hugh Wedding-33Liz and Hugh Wedding-37Liz and Hugh Wedding-54Liz and Hugh Wedding-68Liz and Hugh Wedding-73Liz and Hugh Wedding-84Liz and Hugh Wedding-101Liz and Hugh Wedding-108Liz and Hugh Wedding-128Liz and Hugh Wedding-135Liz and Hugh Wedding-139Liz and Hugh Wedding-151Liz and Hugh Wedding-156Liz and Hugh Wedding-194Liz and Hugh Wedding-203Liz and Hugh Wedding-209Liz and Hugh Wedding-219Liz and Hugh Wedding-223Liz and Hugh Wedding-253Liz and Hugh Wedding-266Liz and Hugh Wedding-268Liz and Hugh Wedding-294Liz and Hugh Wedding-283


Love this picture. That’s one proud Papa!

Liz and Hugh Wedding-299Liz and Hugh Wedding-385Liz and Hugh Wedding-393Liz and Hugh Wedding-400Liz and Hugh Wedding-404Liz and Hugh Wedding-449Liz and Hugh Wedding-420Liz and Hugh Wedding-485Liz and Hugh Wedding-489Liz and Hugh Wedding-426Liz and Hugh Wedding-492Liz and Hugh Wedding-487Liz and Hugh Wedding-565Liz and Hugh Wedding-586Liz and Hugh Wedding-619Liz and Hugh Wedding-635Liz and Hugh Wedding-623Liz and Hugh Wedding-646Liz and Hugh Wedding-694Liz and Hugh Wedding-704Liz and Hugh Wedding-710Liz and Hugh Wedding-713Liz and Hugh Wedding-736

 The view at the inn was just breathtaking!

Liz and Hugh Wedding-743Liz and Hugh Wedding-766

 The inside of the barn was so incredible! I loved all the little vintage details at their reception!

Liz and Hugh Wedding-820Liz and Hugh Wedding-822Liz and Hugh Wedding-823Liz and Hugh Wedding-848Liz and Hugh Wedding-836Liz and Hugh Wedding-854Liz and Hugh Wedding-889Liz and Hugh Wedding-878Liz and Hugh Wedding-979Liz and Hugh Wedding-1599Liz and Hugh Wedding-956Liz and Hugh Wedding-959Liz and Hugh Wedding-961Liz and Hugh Wedding-972Liz and Hugh Wedding-981Liz and Hugh Wedding-984Liz and Hugh Wedding-977Liz and Hugh Wedding-996Liz and Hugh Wedding-999Liz and Hugh Wedding-992Liz and Hugh Wedding-1012Liz and Hugh Wedding-1013Liz and Hugh Wedding-1023Liz and Hugh Wedding-1026Liz and Hugh Wedding-1037Liz and Hugh Wedding-1049Liz and Hugh Wedding-1055Liz and Hugh Wedding-1059


We had some time for a few more portraits. I loved this farm… so many pretty places!

Liz and Hugh Wedding-1072Liz and Hugh Wedding-1092Liz and Hugh Wedding-1108Liz and Hugh Wedding-1124Liz and Hugh Wedding-1130-2Liz and Hugh Wedding-1137Liz and Hugh Wedding-1139Liz and Hugh Wedding-1148Liz and Hugh Wedding-1156Liz and Hugh Wedding-1150Liz and Hugh Wedding-1164Liz and Hugh Wedding-1205Liz and Hugh Wedding-1220Liz and Hugh Wedding-1236Liz and Hugh Wedding-1190Liz and Hugh Wedding-1392Liz and Hugh Wedding-1398Liz and Hugh Wedding-1413Liz and Hugh Wedding-1492Liz and Hugh Wedding-1506Liz and Hugh Wedding-1759Liz and Hugh Wedding-1647Liz and Hugh Wedding-1708Liz and Hugh Wedding-1841Liz and Hugh Wedding-1780Liz and Hugh Wedding-1797Liz and Hugh Wedding-1947Liz and Hugh Wedding-1961Liz and Hugh Wedding-1978Liz and Hugh Wedding-2017

 Congratulations Liz and Hugh!!! 

Eunnie + Tim | Richmond Wedding

Eunnie and Tim Wedding-329

The day was overcast, damp, and rainy, but the happiness and joy that surrounded Eunnie and Tim made their wedding day shine bright! Their family and friends gathered at the Poe Museum to watch them say their vows and even though it started to rain the minute the ceremony was to begin, nothing stopped this couple from saying “I do”. Their day was filled with laughter and love and I was so thankful to be a part of it! I love shooting at new venues and really fell in love with the Poe Museum and the Railroad Museum where they had their reception. A huge thank you to Karen for having me along as her second shooter!

Eunnie and Tim Wedding-234Eunnie and Tim Wedding-232Eunnie and Tim Wedding-47Eunnie and Tim Wedding-89Eunnie and Tim Wedding-121Eunnie and Tim Wedding-112Eunnie and Tim Wedding-7Eunnie and Tim Wedding-73Eunnie and Tim Wedding-133Eunnie and Tim Wedding-163Eunnie and Tim Wedding-184Eunnie and Tim Wedding-201Eunnie and Tim Wedding-217Eunnie and Tim Wedding-220Eunnie and Tim Wedding-245Eunnie and Tim Wedding-252Eunnie and Tim Wedding -627Eunnie and Tim Wedding-249Eunnie and Tim Wedding-261Eunnie and Tim Wedding-269Eunnie and Tim Wedding-271Eunnie and Tim Wedding-303Eunnie and Tim Wedding-305Eunnie and Tim Wedding-330Eunnie and Tim Wedding-315Eunnie and Tim Wedding-342Eunnie and Tim Wedding-343Eunnie and Tim Wedding-334Eunnie and Tim Wedding-359Eunnie and Tim Wedding-364Eunnie and Tim Wedding-372Eunnie and Tim Wedding-398Eunnie and Tim Wedding-389Eunnie and Tim Wedding-395Eunnie and Tim Wedding-427Eunnie and Tim Wedding-442Eunnie and Tim Wedding-453Eunnie and Tim Wedding-487Eunnie and Tim Wedding-485Eunnie and Tim Wedding-479Eunnie and Tim Wedding-497Eunnie and Tim Wedding -576Eunnie and Tim Wedding -586Eunnie and Tim Wedding -611Eunnie and Tim Wedding -633Eunnie and Tim Wedding -637Eunnie and Tim Wedding -653Eunnie and Tim Wedding -659Eunnie and Tim Wedding -673Eunnie and Tim Wedding -682Eunnie and Tim Wedding -686Eunnie and Tim Wedding -690Eunnie and Tim Wedding -693Eunnie and Tim Wedding -697Eunnie and Tim Wedding -702Eunnie and Tim Wedding -704Eunnie and Tim Wedding -714Eunnie and Tim Wedding -719 

Married!!! After Eunnie changed into her reception dress, we did a few portraits with the trains at the Railroad Museum!

Eunnie and Tim Wedding -808Eunnie and Tim Wedding -820Eunnie and Tim Wedding -832Eunnie and Tim Wedding -845Eunnie and Tim Wedding -849Eunnie and Tim Wedding -740Eunnie and Tim Wedding -730Eunnie and Tim Wedding -734Eunnie and Tim Wedding -735Eunnie and Tim Wedding -737Eunnie and Tim Wedding -751Eunnie and Tim Wedding -752Eunnie and Tim Wedding -961Eunnie and Tim Wedding -753Eunnie and Tim Wedding -762Eunnie and Tim Wedding -763Eunnie and Tim Wedding -770Eunnie and Tim Wedding -948Eunnie and Tim Wedding -949Eunnie and Tim Wedding -899Eunnie and Tim Wedding -892Eunnie and Tim Wedding -909Eunnie and Tim Wedding -903Eunnie and Tim Wedding -944Eunnie and Tim Wedding -955Eunnie and Tim Wedding -970Eunnie and Tim Wedding -974Eunnie and Tim Wedding -993Eunnie and Tim Wedding -1009Eunnie and Tim Wedding -1028Eunnie and Tim Wedding -1036Eunnie and Tim Wedding -1041Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1054Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1064Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1068Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1075Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1113Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1321Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1154Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1272Eunnie and Tim Wedding-1308Congratulations Eunnie and Tim!!!

Christina + Kevin | Harrisonburg Wedding

Christina and Kevin Wedding-843

As I drove to Christina’s parent’s house last weekend I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was outside! It was truly a fall day. It was chilly… but periodic bursts of sunlight warmed things up. The trees were on fire with fall colors and the slightest breeze caused their leaves to take flight. When I arrived, Christina was glowing with excitement as her mother and sister helped her get ready for her big day!

The ceremony took place at Camp Horizons which made for an absolutely gorgeous setting! Christina and Kevin said their vows in an intimate ceremony under a willow tree by the water. After the ceremony we were able to walk around the grounds and found so many amazing places for portraits! 

Christina and Kevin are just the sweetest couple and I am so happy for them! Congratulations guys and thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day!

Christina and Kevin Wedding-115Christina and Kevin Wedding-104Christina and Kevin Wedding-87Christina and Kevin Wedding-30Christina and Kevin Wedding-17Christina and Kevin Wedding-69Christina and Kevin Wedding-6Christina and Kevin Wedding-81Christina and Kevin Wedding-20Christina and Kevin Wedding-38Christina and Kevin Wedding-31Christina and Kevin Wedding-56Christina and Kevin Wedding-41Christina and Kevin Wedding-123Christina and Kevin Wedding-128Christina and Kevin Wedding-132Christina and Kevin Wedding-130Christina and Kevin Wedding-137Christina and Kevin Wedding-145Christina and Kevin Wedding-149Christina and Kevin Wedding-171Christina and Kevin Wedding-165Christina and Kevin Wedding-176Christina and Kevin Wedding-156Christina and Kevin Wedding-186Christina and Kevin Wedding-196Christina and Kevin Wedding-191Christina and Kevin Wedding-189Christina and Kevin Wedding-195Christina and Kevin Wedding-192Christina and Kevin Wedding-617Christina and Kevin Wedding-194Christina and Kevin Wedding-271Christina and Kevin Wedding-287Christina and Kevin Wedding-295Christina and Kevin Wedding-313Christina and Kevin Wedding-325Christina and Kevin Wedding-322Christina and Kevin Wedding-360Christina and Kevin Wedding-369Christina and Kevin Wedding-374Christina and Kevin Wedding-391Christina and Kevin Wedding-396Christina and Kevin Wedding-420Christina and Kevin Wedding-404Christina and Kevin Wedding-429Christina and Kevin Wedding-455


Christina and Kevin Wedding-502Christina and Kevin Wedding-666Christina and Kevin Wedding-676Christina and Kevin Wedding-683Christina and Kevin Wedding-718Christina and Kevin Wedding-723Christina and Kevin Wedding-753Christina and Kevin Wedding-748Christina and Kevin Wedding-778Christina and Kevin Wedding-805Christina and Kevin Wedding-829Christina and Kevin Wedding-874Christina and Kevin Wedding-909Christina and Kevin Wedding-933Christina and Kevin Wedding-957Christina and Kevin Wedding-935Christina and Kevin Wedding-966Christina and Kevin Wedding-1014Christina and Kevin Wedding-1048Christina and Kevin Wedding-1060Christina and Kevin Wedding-1136Christina and Kevin Wedding-1050Christina and Kevin Wedding-1093Christina and Kevin Wedding-1034Christina and Kevin Wedding-1086

 Reception Time!

Christina and Kevin Wedding-1147Christina and Kevin Wedding-201Christina and Kevin Wedding-207Christina and Kevin Wedding-214Christina and Kevin Wedding-250Christina and Kevin Wedding-215Christina and Kevin Wedding-237Christina and Kevin Wedding-244Christina and Kevin Wedding-248Christina and Kevin Wedding-226Christina and Kevin Wedding-231Christina and Kevin Wedding-222Christina and Kevin Wedding-1173Christina and Kevin Wedding-1167Christina and Kevin Wedding-1151Christina and Kevin Wedding-1250Christina and Kevin Wedding-1242Christina and Kevin Wedding-1218Christina and Kevin Wedding-1267Christina and Kevin Wedding-1182Christina and Kevin Wedding-1277


Venue: Camp Horizons

Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia from Bridal Impressions

Flowers: Blakemore’s Flowers

Cake: Pastry Love

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Jenny + Will | Richmond Wedding

Jenny and Will Wedding-527Jenny and Will are the kind of couple where you can feel how strong their love is for one another just by looking at them! Their wedding day in Richmond was elegant and beautiful and I was so honored to be a part of it. A huge thank you to Karen for having me along as her second shooter!

Jenny and Will Wedding-103Jenny and Will Wedding-100Jenny and Will Wedding-233Jenny and Will Wedding-237Jenny and Will Wedding-120Jenny and Will Wedding-112Jenny and Will Wedding-158Jenny and Will Wedding-159Jenny and Will Wedding-185Jenny and Will Wedding-219Jenny and Will Wedding-231Jenny and Will Wedding-213Jenny and Will Wedding-301Jenny and Will Wedding-261Jenny and Will Wedding-335Jenny and Will Wedding-368Jenny and Will Wedding-366Jenny and Will Wedding-374Jenny and Will Wedding-364Jenny and Will Wedding-379Jenny and Will Wedding-386Jenny and Will Wedding-474Jenny and Will Wedding-464Jenny and Will Wedding-492Jenny and Will Wedding-529Jenny and Will Wedding-501Jenny and Will Wedding-579Jenny and Will Wedding-660Jenny and Will Wedding-744Jenny and Will Wedding-752Jenny and Will Wedding-757Jenny and Will Wedding-776Jenny and Will Wedding-774Jenny and Will Wedding-773Jenny and Will Wedding-882Jenny and Will Wedding-897Jenny and Will Wedding-905Jenny and Will Wedding-957Jenny and Will had their reception at the Science Museum of Virginia. It was an incredible venue!

Jenny and Will Wedding-998Jenny and Will Wedding-1001Jenny and Will Wedding-1010Jenny and Will Wedding-1029Jenny and Will Wedding-1112Jenny and Will Wedding-1125Jenny and Will Wedding-1053Jenny and Will Wedding-1061Jenny and Will Wedding-1073Jenny and Will Wedding-1160Jenny and Will Wedding-1346Jenny and Will Wedding-1477Jenny and Will Wedding-1487Jenny and Will Wedding-1500Jenny and Will Wedding-1627Jenny and Will Wedding-1664Jenny and Will Wedding-1720Congratulations Jenny and Will!


Casey + William | Winchester Farm Wedding

Casey and William Wedding-1944I had been looking forward to Casey and William’s wedding for such a long time! Their love for each other is just so genuine and watching the two of them together is very heart warming. From the time I did their engagement session at their family’s farm in August I was totally excited to see their wedding day unfold! Casey and William said their vows in the yard of William’s family’s farm house where many other family members had been married as well! The air was crisp as their family and friends gathered, seated on hay bales, surrounded by candlelight, watching these two special people become husband and wife. The officiant spoke highly of the couple, William as a farmer and Casey as a nurse, and how they both nurture their community. They ended the night with their barn reception where their guests enjoyed lots of southern cooking and danced under gorgeous lights! Casey and William, I wish you such an amazing future together!

Casey and William Wedding-2Casey and William Wedding-25Casey and William Wedding-46Casey and William Wedding-31Casey and William Wedding-111Casey and William Wedding-73Casey and William Wedding-203Casey and William Wedding-84Casey and William Wedding-89Casey and William Wedding-85Casey and William Wedding-97Casey and William Wedding-134Casey and William Wedding-120Casey and William Wedding-143Casey and William Wedding-238Casey and William Wedding-234Casey and William Wedding-261Casey and William Wedding-272Casey and William Wedding-299Casey and William Wedding-304Casey and William Wedding-292Casey and William Wedding-313Casey and William Wedding-348Casey and William Wedding-367Casey and William Wedding-382Casey and William Wedding-371Casey and William Wedding 2-21Casey and William Wedding 2-37Casey and William Wedding 2-25Casey and William Wedding 2-32Casey and William Wedding 2-54Casey and William Wedding 2-47Casey and William Wedding 2-50Casey and William Wedding 2-58Casey and William Wedding 2-124Casey and William Wedding 2-121Casey and William Wedding 2-146Casey and William Wedding-625Casey and William Wedding-586Casey and William Wedding-652Casey and William Wedding-606Casey and William Wedding-592Casey and William Wedding-616Casey and William Wedding-458Casey and William Wedding-482Casey and William Wedding-531Casey and William Wedding-502Casey and William Wedding-522Casey and William Wedding-535Casey and William Wedding-556Casey and William Wedding-564

Casey, you are GORGEOUS!

Casey and William Wedding-569Casey and William Wedding 2-214Casey and William Wedding-941Casey and William Wedding-977

 Casey and William did something so special before their ceremony. William did not want to see Casey before the wedding so he was blindfolded and they met under the tree in the front yard of the house where they will live together. Their pastor came to bless their home. It was a really special moment!

Casey and William Wedding-997Casey and William Wedding-1021Casey and William Wedding-1038Casey and William Wedding 2-223Casey and William Wedding-1072Casey and William Wedding-1073

 Ceremony time!

 Casey and William Wedding-437Casey and William Wedding-421Casey and William Wedding 2-143Casey and William Wedding-418Casey and William Wedding-454Casey and William Wedding 2-237Casey and William Wedding-427Casey and William Wedding-430Casey and William Wedding-825Casey and William Wedding 2-175Casey and William Wedding-813Casey and William Wedding-831Casey and William Wedding-836Casey and William Wedding-1100Casey and William Wedding-1121Casey and William Wedding-1134Casey and William Wedding-1115Casey and William Wedding-1187Casey and William Wedding 2-274Casey and William Wedding-1210Casey and William Wedding-1217Casey and William Wedding-1214Casey and William Wedding 2-284Casey and William Wedding-1247Casey and William Wedding-1283Casey and William Wedding-1252Casey and William Wedding-1273Casey and William Wedding-1316Casey and William Wedding 2-293Casey and William Wedding-1298Casey and William Wedding-1338Casey and William Wedding-1347Casey and William Wedding-1364Casey and William Wedding-1394Casey and William Wedding-1398Casey and William Wedding-1402Casey and William Wedding-1420Casey and William Wedding-1419Casey and William Wedding-1423Casey and William Wedding-1430Casey and William Wedding-1439Casey and William Wedding 2-364Casey and William Wedding-1476Casey and William Wedding-1471Casey and William Wedding-1500Casey and William Wedding-1627Casey and William Wedding-1658Casey and William Wedding-1674Casey and William Wedding-1680Casey and William Wedding-1688-2Casey and William Wedding-1709Casey and William Wedding-1726Casey and William Wedding-1748Casey and William Wedding-1769Casey and William Wedding-1776Casey and William Wedding-1810Casey and William Wedding-1823Casey and William Wedding-1789Casey and William Wedding 2-418Casey and William Wedding-1845Casey and William Wedding-1854Casey and William Wedding-1883Casey and William Wedding-1943Casey and William Wedding-1954Casey and William Wedding-1969Casey and William Wedding-844Casey and William Wedding-2092Casey and William Wedding-2057Casey and William Wedding-2040Casey and William Wedding-2042Casey and William 2-463Casey and William 2-482Casey and William 2-480Casey and William Wedding-2060Casey and William Wedding-2073Casey and William 2-495Casey and William Wedding-2098Casey and William Wedding-2103Casey and William Wedding-2134Casey and William Wedding-2217Casey and William Wedding-2223Casey and William Wedding-2226Casey and William Wedding-2258Casey and William Wedding-2271Casey and William Wedding-2297Casey and William Wedding-2240Casey and William Wedding-2337Casey and William Wedding-2355Casey and William Wedding-2343Casey and William Wedding-2381Casey and William 2-601Casey and William Wedding-2403Casey and William Wedding-2424Casey and William Wedding-2434Casey and William Wedding-2464Casey and William Wedding-2521Casey and William 2-676Casey and William Wedding-2471Casey and William 2-682Casey and William Wedding-2530Casey and William Wedding-2719


Thanks to Heather Hart Defriest for shooting with me!


Venues: Ceremony at Cline’s Farm, Reception at Cloverdale Barn

Bride’s Gown: Anjolique from Bridal Impressions

Bridesmaids: Davinci from The Barn – made specifically for Casey:)

Flowers: Bride’s bouquet by Bluebells, Bridemaid’s bouquets by Casey and family

DJ: DJ Casey

Cake: Sugar Diva

Catering: Shaffers



Olivia + James | Fredericksburg Wedding

Olivia and James Wedding-572I was truly honored and excited to be a part of this wedding! Olivia and James said their vows in a sweet intimate ceremony at Lavender Heights Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg, surrounded by their family and closest friends. There were so many things I loved… the setting, the details, the colors, the bride’s SHOES!!! This was not a typical wedding day and I just really adored how special Olivia and James made this day for their guests. After their ceremony, a couple of trolleys picked them and their guests up and took them on a tour of historic downtown Fredericksburg. They even stopped and treated their guests to ice cream! The final stop was at the most amazing little restaurant where Olivia and James finished their celebration with an incredible meal! 

Olivia and James Wedding-11Olivia and James Wedding-18Olivia and James Wedding-38Olivia and James Wedding-33Olivia and James Wedding-47Olivia and James Wedding-62Olivia and James Wedding-148Olivia and James Wedding-95Olivia and James Wedding-85Olivia and James Wedding-27Olivia and James Wedding-104Olivia and James Wedding-121Olivia and James Wedding-140Olivia and James Wedding-153Olivia and James Wedding-185Olivia and James Wedding-189Olivia and James Wedding-190


The Katubah signing… such a special Jewish tradition!

Olivia and James Wedding-220Olivia and James Wedding-238Olivia and James Wedding-288Olivia and James Wedding-431Olivia and James Wedding-508Olivia and James Wedding-449Olivia and James Wedding-420Olivia and James Wedding-442Olivia and James Wedding-435Olivia and James Wedding-528Olivia and James Wedding-509Olivia and James Wedding-532Olivia and James Wedding-521Olivia and James Wedding-523Olivia and James Wedding-553Olivia and James Wedding-540Olivia and James Wedding-560Olivia and James Wedding-564Olivia and James Wedding-567Olivia and James Wedding-605Olivia and James Wedding-585Olivia and James Wedding-579Olivia and James Wedding-608Olivia and James Wedding-591Olivia and James Wedding-620Olivia and James Wedding-77Olivia and James Wedding-9Olivia and James Wedding-650Olivia and James Wedding-661Olivia and James Wedding-69Olivia and James Wedding-679Olivia and James Wedding-649Olivia and James Wedding-658Olivia and James Wedding-662Olivia and James Wedding-669Olivia and James Wedding-683Olivia and James Wedding-694Olivia and James Wedding-695Olivia and James Wedding-701Olivia and James Wedding-709Olivia and James Wedding-678Olivia and James Wedding-725Olivia and James Wedding-714Olivia and James Wedding-721Olivia and James Wedding-747Olivia and James Wedding-750Olivia and James Wedding-757Olivia and James Wedding-771Olivia and James Wedding-769Olivia and James Wedding-775Olivia and James Wedding-789Olivia and James Wedding-814Olivia and James Wedding-794Olivia and James Wedding-817Olivia and James Wedding-797Olivia and James Wedding-851Olivia and James Wedding-858Olivia and James Wedding-860Olivia and James Wedding-866Olivia and James Wedding-879Olivia and James Wedding-882


Married! Time for the trolley tour! I still LOVE how they treated their guests to ice cream!

Olivia and James Wedding-929Olivia and James Wedding-945Olivia and James Wedding-955Olivia and James Wedding-953Olivia and James Wedding-951Olivia and James Wedding-957Olivia and James Wedding-972Olivia and James Wedding-987Olivia and James Wedding-988Olivia and James Wedding-991Olivia and James Wedding-996Olivia and James Wedding-1007Olivia and James Wedding-1005

 Reception time! This was the cutest little restaurant with the BEST food!  

Olivia and James Wedding-1035Olivia and James Wedding-1025Olivia and James Wedding-1049Olivia and James Wedding-1138Olivia and James Wedding-1046Olivia and James Wedding-1042Olivia and James Wedding-1052Olivia and James Wedding-1056Olivia and James Wedding-1079Olivia and James Wedding-1139


Can you believe that Olivia made all of these banners by hand! So much time and love went into these and she donated them after the wedding so that other brides could use them!

Olivia and James Wedding-1130Olivia and James Wedding-1062Olivia and James Wedding-1146Olivia and James Wedding-1178Olivia and James Wedding-1191Olivia and James Wedding-1194Olivia and James Wedding-1209Olivia and James Wedding-1200Olivia and James Wedding-1221Olivia and James Wedding-1238Olivia and James Wedding-1259Olivia and James Wedding-1083Olivia and James Wedding-1093Olivia and James Wedding-1084Olivia and James Wedding-1089Olivia and James Wedding-1088Olivia and James Wedding-1324Olivia and James Wedding-1331Olivia and James Wedding-1340


Congratulations Olivia and James!


Ceremony: Lavender Heights Bed and Breakfast

Reception: FOODE

Flowers: The Bride and Maid of Honor!

Dress: Brides For A Cause

Planner/Coordinator: Amore Events by Cody

Cake/Cupcakes: Cake By Z

Invitations: Minted

Trolley Tours: Fredericksburg Trolley

Liz + Clarke | CrossKeys Vineyards Wedding

Liz and Clarke Wedding-1429Where do I even start with this wedding…

The day was perfect. Liz was just glowing with joy and elation and you could see the excitement in Clarke’s eyes as he finally made Liz his forever. The venue was decorated with very sweet and personal vintage details that belonged to Liz’s grandmother who had passed away… such a special way to incorporate her memory into the day! The grounds at CrossKeys Vineyards made for an amazing backdrop for their ceremony. It was one of those weddings where you could just tell that every single person in attendance was so happy and excited and in love with this couple! From their emotional first look to the heartfelt speeches given by family members, happy tears were popping up all day long! 

Plus… there’s a dog wearing a bow tie in this wedding. Just saying…

Liz and Clarke Wedding-101Liz and Clarke Wedding-25Liz and Clarke Wedding-45Liz and Clarke Wedding-4Liz and Clarke Wedding-29Liz and Clarke Wedding-55Liz and Clarke 2-4Liz and Clarke Wedding-47Liz and Clarke Wedding-84Liz and Clarke Wedding-42Liz and Clarke Wedding-120Liz and Clarke Wedding-23Liz and Clarke Wedding-128Liz and Clarke Wedding-1761Liz and Clarke Wedding-1Liz and Clarke Wedding-11Liz and Clarke Wedding-129Liz and Clarke Wedding-164Liz and Clarke Wedding-143Liz and Clarke Wedding-182Liz and Clarke Wedding-186Liz and Clarke Wedding-155Liz and Clarke Wedding-195Liz and Clarke Wedding-199Liz and Clarke 2-11Liz and Clarke Wedding-205Liz and Clarke 2-12Liz and Clarke 2-41Liz and Clarke 2-49Liz and Clarke 2-25Liz and Clarke 2-70Liz and Clarke 2-83Liz and Clarke 2-86Liz and Clarke Wedding-213Is this not the most gorgeous bride you’ve ever seen? Liz, you are stunning!

Liz and Clarke Wedding-221Liz and Clarke 2-125Liz and Clarke Wedding-264Liz and Clarke Wedding-244Liz and Clarke Wedding-270Liz and Clarke Wedding-285Liz and Clarke Wedding-230Liz and Clarke Wedding-253Liz and Clarke Wedding-258Liz and Clarke Wedding-276Liz and Clarke 2-116-2  
I LOVED their first look!

Liz and Clarke Wedding-301Liz and Clarke 2-140 Liz and Clarke 2-142Liz and Clarke Wedding-306Liz and Clarke 2-145Liz and Clarke Wedding-311Liz and Clarke Wedding-326Liz and Clarke Wedding-320Liz and Clarke Wedding-350Liz and Clarke 2-150Liz and Clarke 2-164Liz and Clarke 2-158Liz and Clarke 2-160Liz and Clarke Wedding-356Liz and Clarke Wedding-361Liz and Clarke Wedding-369Liz and Clarke Wedding-383Liz and Clarke Wedding-375Liz and Clarke Wedding-393Liz and Clarke Wedding-405Liz and Clarke Wedding-416Liz and Clarke Wedding-482Liz and Clarke Wedding-510Liz and Clarke Wedding-452Liz and Clarke Wedding-553Liz and Clarke Wedding-620Liz and Clarke Wedding-566Liz and Clarke Wedding-763Liz and Clarke Wedding-775Liz and Clarke 2-303Liz and Clarke Wedding-823Liz and Clarke Wedding-829Liz and Clarke 2-282Liz and Clarke 2-327Liz and Clarke 2-356Liz and Clarke 2-340Liz and Clarke 2-344Liz and Clarke Wedding-926Liz and Clarke 2-339Liz and Clarke 2-433Liz and Clarke 2-454Liz and Clarke 2-458Liz and Clarke Wedding-983Liz and Clarke 2-463Liz and Clarke 2-472Liz and Clarke Wedding-1044Liz and Clarke Wedding-1049Liz and Clarke 2-480Liz and Clarke Wedding-1076Liz and Clarke Wedding-1061Liz and Clarke Wedding-1080Liz and Clarke Wedding-1092Liz and Clarke Wedding-1087Liz and Clarke Wedding-1096Liz and Clarke Wedding-1097Liz and Clarke Wedding-1101Liz and Clarke Wedding-1106Liz and Clarke Wedding-1121Liz and Clarke 2-517


Yay! They’re married! We snuck away for a few more portraits… 

Liz and Clarke Wedding-1386Liz and Clarke Wedding-1400Liz and Clarke Wedding-1402Liz and Clarke Wedding-1495Liz and Clarke Wedding-1410Liz and Clarke Wedding-1421Liz and Clarke 2-679Liz and Clarke Wedding-1433Liz and Clarke Wedding-1446Liz and Clarke Wedding-1463Liz and Clarke Wedding-1457Liz and Clarke Wedding-1468Liz and Clarke Wedding-1502Liz and Clarke Wedding-1481Liz and Clarke 2-706Liz and Clarke 2-716Liz and Clarke 2-721


This next one is my favorite!

Liz and Clarke Wedding-1401


Reception time!

Liz and Clarke 2-582Liz and Clarke 2-374Liz and Clarke 2-556Liz and Clarke 2-561Liz and Clarke 2-376Liz and Clarke 2-592Liz and Clarke 2-377Liz and Clarke 2-562Liz and Clarke Wedding-1131Liz and Clarke Wedding-1138Liz and Clarke 2-654Liz and Clarke 2-584Liz and Clarke 2-588Liz and Clarke Wedding-1799-2Liz and Clarke 2-567Liz and Clarke Wedding-1794Liz and Clarke Wedding-1802Liz and Clarke 2-407Liz and Clarke Wedding-1779Liz and Clarke 2-624Liz and Clarke 2-610Liz and Clarke 2-615Liz and Clarke 2-630Liz and Clarke Wedding-1754Liz and Clarke Wedding-1775Liz and Clarke 2-824Liz and Clarke Wedding-1559Liz and Clarke Wedding-1560Liz and Clarke Wedding-1575Liz and Clarke Wedding-1577Liz and Clarke Wedding-1600Liz and Clarke 2-751Liz and Clarke Wedding-1617Liz and Clarke Wedding-1624Liz and Clarke Wedding-1628Liz and Clarke Wedding-1662Liz and Clarke 2-780Liz and Clarke Wedding-1688Liz and Clarke 2-786Liz and Clarke Wedding-1740Liz and Clarke Wedding-1899Liz and Clarke Wedding-1908Liz and Clarke Wedding-1912Liz and Clarke Wedding-1939Liz and Clarke Wedding-1992Liz and Clarke Wedding-2015Liz and Clarke 2-896Liz and Clarke 2-899Liz and Clarke 2-900Liz and Clarke Wedding-2340Liz and Clarke Wedding-2423Liz and Clarke Wedding-2493Liz and Clarke Wedding-2495Liz and Clarke Wedding-2531Liz and Clarke Wedding-2533

 Congratulations Liz and Clarke! A big thanks to Sarah Goodwin for shooting with me!


Venue: CrossKeys Vineyards

Bride’s Gown: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids: Alfred Angelo

Flowers: Blakemore’s Flowers

Wedding Coordinator: Abbey from Blakemore’s Flowers

Hair and Makeup: The Studio

Cake: Pastry Love