Life | Taylor is 12!

Last year I started something that I hope I’ll keep up with. Doing a birthday session for each of my girls. It gives each of the girls a little one on one time and makes them feel special! Plus, as a photographer I am always so busy doing pictures for other people, that I don’t take the time I should to document my family. This is a good way for me to stay on top of that! Plus, Taylor really liked the session we did last year so she was very excited to remind me about it this year!

Today Taylor is 12! My life is just going full speed and I can’t believe that my first little baby is 12. We went out today when it was 15 degrees and spitting snow. The session took about 10 minutes because we were freezing! But we had fun and got come cute images that will always remind me of what Taylor was like at 12! Beautiful, loving, and totally turning into a young woman right before my eyes. Look here at her session from last year to really see how much she’s grown!

Malakai + Makaila

Malakai and Makaila are a super sweet brother and sister duo with tons of energy! It was a gorgeous day when we did their session. They did great and were the most excited when I told them to throw leaves at each other!

Thomas James | Newborn

Oh my… T.J. is just the sweetest baby! Remember Christie and Lowell’s maternity session? Well, their peapod finally made his arrival, although it was a little earlier than expected. T.J. came a month early and had to spend some time in the NICU. However, this sweet little man is doing amazing! He was actually 6 weeks old when we did this session but was the size of a full term newborn. Christie and Lowell are incredible parents. Their birth story really shows their strength! I’m so glad T.J. is home and well!

Ava | Backyard Fun

It’s happening… my sweet little baby is growing up. She is now halfway to her third birthday! Ava has been such a blessing. She has us laughing all the time and keeps us on our toes. I took these in our backyard the other day.

Ava | Happy Birthday

Yes, I am posting another birthday. Why so soon? Well, in this house the birthdays of our girls is 11 days apart. This time, it’s Ava’s turn. Ava is 2 and well… she acts 2. She is an adorable and happy addition to our family who is learning to express herself the way most toddlers do… loudly:) We love her so much! We had an Elmo party for her yesterday. Elmo is her new favorite and I think I went a little overboard with all of the details. Either way, she had a great time. Happy Birthday Ava!

Merry Christmas | My Family

It’s that time of year. Lights, trees, carols, presents, shopping… it consumes people from the last bite of their Thanksgiving dinner until the last gift is opened on Christmas morning. The older I get, the faster Christmas time gets here. I envy the childhood version of myself anxiously awaiting the arrival of it all. It seemed to take forever for Christmas to come! Now, all I have to do is blink and it’s over. As a mother the best part about Christmas is watching my children’s excitement and joy while rushing to the tree and opening all of their presents. It’s something that is indescribable. My girls are my inspiration for the season now. Here are some of our holiday pictures. Please note the AMAZING banner I got on Etsy here. I hope that all of you have a truly Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Newborn | Welcome Baby Katy

On October 20th, my dearest friend and her husband welcomed their new baby girl into the world! For a long time, they were worried that Miss Kathryn Bell would make her entrance before it was time. There was a lot of time spent at the hospital, many hours of bed rest and taking it easy. Then, when they were actually ready for Katy to come, she needed some convincing. Induction was needed. After many hours of trying to persuade Katy that she was ready for the world, she finally arrived. From the beginning, Katy’s destiny was unknown. There was some concerning news on and off that kept her parents on their toes, and I know that her safe arrival was nothing less than glorious to them. There were many prayers said for them, especially from my house.

I’m so happy that Katy is finally here and she is amazingly healthy! The youngest of five, I know that there will be hectic times, but she will always be loved. To my friend, you are an incredible mother, and I wish you all the best! (*tear)