Anna | Newborn

Watson Family-55When I get to meet a newborn it brings me so much joy to see how one baby has changed the lives of the people around her. After entering the Watson’s home last weekend I immediately felt how special this little girl is. Ohhhh Anna. She is just so sweet and adorable. I could take pictures of her all day! I had so much fun with her along with her parents and “big brother” (a black lab named LUCKY). 

Watson Family-36Watson Family-42Watson Family-2Watson Family-43Watson Family-10Watson Family-14Watson Family-126Watson Family-150Watson Family-140Watson Family-142Watson Family-159Watson Family-205Watson Family-206Watson Family-216Watson Family-219Watson Family-227Watson Family-231Watson Family-289Watson Family-302Watson Family-323Watson Family-295Watson Family-331Watson Family-351Watson Family-355Watson Family-367Watson Family-378Watson Family-388Watson Family-400Watson Family-414Watson Family-425Watson Family-439Watson Family-489Watson Family-502Watson Family-461Watson Family-467Watson Family-544Watson Family-555Watson Family-567


Catherine | 6 months

Latchum Family-107Oh my gracious… this is a seriously cute baby guys! Catherine is 6 months old and was so sweet for her session with me. I met her and her amazingly kind family at their cute little farm house in Dayton the day before Mother’s Day. It didn’t take long for me find out that little Catherine is so loved! I had so much fun meeting her and hope you enjoy this session!

Latchum Family-23Latchum Family-28Latchum Family-50Latchum Family-55Latchum Family-61Latchum Family-73Latchum Family-88Latchum Family-94Latchum Family-97Latchum Family-108Latchum Family-106Latchum Family-111Latchum Family-119Latchum Family-133Latchum Family-140Latchum Family-143Latchum Family-159Latchum Family-169Latchum Family-179Latchum Family-184Latchum Family-6Latchum Family-296Latchum Family-5Latchum Family-339Latchum Family-244Latchum Family-246Latchum Family-250Latchum Family-259Latchum Family-262Latchum Family-265Latchum Family-273Latchum Family-286

Toshner Family

Toshner Family-4I really loved getting to meet this sweet family at their home in Lexington last weekend. They welcomed their little Margaret into the world on St. Patrick’s Day and let me tell you… she is a sweetie! I hope you enjoy their pictures as much as I enjoyed their session!

Toshner Family-9Toshner Family-30Toshner Family-16Toshner Family-39Toshner Family-56Toshner Family-62Toshner Family-44Toshner Family-81Toshner Family-84Toshner Family-95Toshner Family-98Toshner Family-103Toshner Family-155Toshner Family-166Toshner Family-161Toshner Family-173Toshner Family-177Toshner Family-183Toshner Family-186Toshner Family-191Toshner Family-215Toshner Family-48Toshner Family-364Toshner Family-321Toshner Family-361Toshner Family-348Toshner Family-369Toshner Family-366Toshner Family-433Toshner Family-467Toshner Family-482Toshner Family-483Toshner Family-488


Brielle | 6 Months

Brielle 6 Months-9Brandy and Greg have turned into such amazing parents. I can’t believe Brielle is 6 months old! I love when I’m able to capture milestones and look back to see how much babies have grown! This shoot was so much fun and filled to the brim with spring colors and Easter cuteness!

Brielle 6 Months-27Brielle 6 Months-63Brielle 6 Months-23Brielle 6 Months-68Brielle 6 Months-87Brielle 6 Months-52Brielle 6 Months-76Brielle 6 Months-99Brielle 6 Months-128Brielle 6 Months-139Brielle 6 Months-150Brielle 6 Months-159Brielle 6 Months-167Brielle 6 Months-162Brielle 6 Months-164Brielle 6 Months-156Brielle 6 Months-228Brielle 6 Months-222Brielle 6 Months-237Brielle 6 Months-263Brielle 6 Months-253Brielle 6 Months-280Brielle 6 Months-314Brielle 6 Months-327Brielle 6 Months-363Brielle 6 Months-351Brielle 6 Months-361Brielle 6 Months-371

Brette | Newborn

Emswiler Family-362

Meet Brette. Isn’t she just wonderful? She has such amazing parents and is surrounded by  so much love! I was absolutely thrilled to meet up with her and her family for this session last weekend. Plus, she has the sweetest big brother who already does a super job taking care of her!

Emswiler Family-49Emswiler Family-52Emswiler Family-20Emswiler Family-35Emswiler Family-80Emswiler Family-84Emswiler Family-64Emswiler Family-69Emswiler Family-107Emswiler Family-104Emswiler Family-114Emswiler Family-112Emswiler Family-118Emswiler Family-137Emswiler Family-141Emswiler Family-143Emswiler Family-147Emswiler Family-163

 Seriously guys… best big brother ever!

Emswiler Family-204Emswiler Family-247Emswiler Family-256Emswiler Family-267Emswiler Family-278Emswiler Family-293Emswiler Family-299Emswiler Family-322Emswiler Family-324Emswiler Family-335Emswiler Family-333Emswiler Family-355 Emswiler Family-356Emswiler Family-370Emswiler Family-378Emswiler Family-393Emswiler Family-398Emswiler Family-409Emswiler Family-420Emswiler Family-418Emswiler Family-438

 Such a beautiful mother…

Emswiler Family-446Emswiler Family-450Emswiler Family-465


Cantwell Family

This was definitely one of those sessions where I had a super hard time picking out my favorite images for this post. This family is so sweet and it was such a joy to photograph them. This little boy was just adorable and he has some pretty amazing parents! Enjoy!

Every baby should have their own Christmas tree!

Love how he’s pushing his way out!

He was SO sleepy by the time we got to the swings!


Thomas James | Newborn

Oh my… T.J. is just the sweetest baby! Remember Christie and Lowell’s maternity session? Well, their peapod finally made his arrival, although it was a little earlier than expected. T.J. came a month early and had to spend some time in the NICU. However, this sweet little man is doing amazing! He was actually 6 weeks old when we did this session but was the size of a full term newborn. Christie and Lowell are incredible parents. Their birth story really shows their strength! I’m so glad T.J. is home and well!