Brielle | Two Years

Brielle 2nd Birthday-332I never get tired of photographing this girl! Brielle is so special to me. Her mom is such a good friend of mine and I always jump for joy when she says it’s time for another session! I just can’t believe she has celebrated her second birthday! 

Brielle 2nd Birthday-15Brielle 2nd Birthday-34Brielle 2nd Birthday-48Brielle 2nd Birthday-64Brielle 2nd Birthday-88Brielle 2nd Birthday-92Brielle 2nd Birthday-99Brielle 2nd Birthday-102Brielle 2nd Birthday-106Brielle 2nd Birthday-119Brielle 2nd Birthday-150Brielle 2nd Birthday-135Brielle 2nd Birthday-144Brielle 2nd Birthday-168Brielle 2nd Birthday-151Brielle 2nd Birthday-172Brielle 2nd Birthday-192Brielle 2nd Birthday-179Brielle 2nd Birthday-193Brielle 2nd Birthday-214Brielle 2nd Birthday-197Brielle 2nd Birthday-204Brielle 2nd Birthday-207Brielle 2nd Birthday-222Brielle 2nd Birthday-245Brielle 2nd Birthday-302Brielle 2nd Birthday-250Brielle 2nd Birthday-255Brielle 2nd Birthday-363Brielle 2nd Birthday-321Brielle 2nd Birthday-350Brielle 2nd Birthday-333

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