Brielle | 6 Months

Brielle 6 Months-9Brandy and Greg have turned into such amazing parents. I can’t believe Brielle is 6 months old! I love when I’m able to capture milestones and look back to see how much babies have grown! This shoot was so much fun and filled to the brim with spring colors and Easter cuteness!

Brielle 6 Months-27Brielle 6 Months-63Brielle 6 Months-23Brielle 6 Months-68Brielle 6 Months-87Brielle 6 Months-52Brielle 6 Months-76Brielle 6 Months-99Brielle 6 Months-128Brielle 6 Months-139Brielle 6 Months-150Brielle 6 Months-159Brielle 6 Months-167Brielle 6 Months-162Brielle 6 Months-164Brielle 6 Months-156Brielle 6 Months-228Brielle 6 Months-222Brielle 6 Months-237Brielle 6 Months-263Brielle 6 Months-253Brielle 6 Months-280Brielle 6 Months-314Brielle 6 Months-327Brielle 6 Months-363Brielle 6 Months-351Brielle 6 Months-361Brielle 6 Months-371

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