Birthday Blessings and Apple Picking

Apple Orchard-23Well guys… I’m another year older. Normally this is something I would be pretty grumpy about but this year has brought so many blessings and I am very grateful! In the past year my business has exploded which is a great thing! There are things happening that I never thought would happen… I have people starting out in photography emailing ME, wanting to help ME, shadow ME, get ADVICE from ME! I am booked. I’m having to turn people down. That makes me sad because I wish I could do pictures for everyone, but that means my business is thriving which makes me so happy! I have photographers that I adore telling me I’m doing a great job and they are loving my work! What???

My family… These guys are the bomb. This husband of mine… while I’m at weddings and doing sessions which is something I LOVE… he’s at home on the front lines taking care of business. He is extremely supportive! And my girls? Well… they forgive me! :) They forgive me for being gone. They are also interested in what I do! They want to see the pictures I’ve taken. In a few years, Taylor might make a perfect assistant!

For my birthday this year we went to Carter Mountain Orchard! We had fun picking apples, eating apple cider donuts, and going on a hay ride! It was kind of rainy and VERY muddy (I’m still trying to get all of the mud out of clothes and off of shoes), but we had a blast! It was the best day because I was with them. I took a break (well, I still had my camera) and had a day with my favorite people in the world, and I LOVED it!!! Here are some pictures from our day!

Apple Orchard-2Apple Orchard-8Apple Orchard-3Apple Orchard-14Apple Orchard-21Apple Orchard-15Apple Orchard-18Apple Orchard-27Apple Orchard-32Apple Orchard-28Apple Orchard-36Apple Orchard-44Apple Orchard-45Apple Orchard-51Apple Orchard-59Apple Orchard-73Apple Orchard-80Apple Orchard-76Apple Orchard-84Apple Orchard-89Apple Orchard-109Apple Orchard-113Apple Orchard-110Apple Orchard-114Apple Orchard-121Apple Orchard-125Apple Orchard-135Apple Orchard-145Apple Orchard-155Apple Orchard-167Apple Orchard-174Apple Orchard-177Apple Orchard-181


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